• Driving with any lights on the underside of your car is illegal in Ca. You can still have them on there you just cant turn them on while driving.
  • According to California Vehicle Code Section 25102, it is legal to have decorative lights on the side of a vehicle provided they meet the following criteria: "[A]ny motor vehicle may be equipped with lamps on the sides thereof, visible from the side of the vehicle but not from the front or rear thereof, which lamps, together with mountings or receptacles, shall be set into depressions or recesses in the body of the vehicle and shall not protrude beyond or outside the body of the vehicle. The light source in each of the lamps shall not exceed two candlepower and shall emit diffused light of any color, except that the color red is permitted only on authorized emergency vehicles." If the "white neon" lights you are contemplating would not be seen except from the sides, would not exceed 2 candlepower brightness, and would not protrude outside the body of the vehicle, you should legally be able to place them on your car.

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