• Hmmm I would probably let him do it but give him a very strict time limit. I am a person who can hardly ever say NO but I wouldnt let him fool me either and be a "parasite" so I would tell him to get his sh** straight and leave...well asuming that he is responsible for all the trouble he's in.
  • If it were in the middle of the night, and I had a BACK yard, I'd let him do it, or invite him in the house perhaps even if I didn't like the kid much. I don't want kids/ young people out on the street any more than the next mom. However, in the morning, some SERIOUS talking would have to be had, including: the SHORT-TERM nature of this agreement, how much time he thinks he needs to get a minimum of $ so he can get the hell out, whether he can/ intends to pay for food, toiletries, etc. Bottom line: depends on how much you like the kid. If he is a good guy, why not give him a chance? He's not asking for much. There really isn't much of a way that he can burn you like other's claim they've burned them. He only wants a patch of grass. If you are the type of person who can keep him limited to that patch: okay. If you are they type that will let him worm his way into the spare bedroom with first preference on Friday night t.v. shows, this isn't the volunteer gig for you. But no matter what, write DOWN THE RULES. He abides by them and the most important one is the day he is to have removed his yert from your premises!
  • id let him stay, but i always do. they know the rules though and that they have to stick to them.
  • A little more information is needed. How old is your son? How old is the friend? Is he still in school and trying to get his diploma? Does he work? Does his GF work? Do you have a spare room that they can live in (because the tent thing is kind of tacky IMO)? I may think of more questions as I go along but this will be a start.
  • Is he a good kid? Or is he an opportunist, a lazy person and takes the easy way out? If he is a good kid, has had some bad luck but is trying to turn things around, I'd say yes. If he isn't, then I'd suggest he contact some local community help organizations. How old is? Does he do drugs? If he is under age you might be setting yourself up for some kind of liability just because he is on your premises. I think you need to do some investigating before you commit yourself! :)
  • I need more info. Are they users? Alcoholic? It sounds to me like they don't want to help themselves. In that case it's a lifestyle choice. How is the job market? Could they get jobs if they wanted to? I understand how you feel about wanting to help but you cant help someone who chooses not to help themselves. I know. I tried helping an alcoholic but found myself just another victim of thier abuse of friendship (or gullibility.) Massive problem.
  • I think I'd tell him that he needs a campground. Preferably one with restrooms, running water and provisions for cooking. Ignoring all the other reasons you probably shouldn't do it I can't imagine that the neighbors and/or police wouldn't be on your case after about the second night.
  • My son is on his own now, but he still calls some of the guys he "hung out with" in his younger days, friends. Now, same as then, if any one of them wanted to camp out in my yard the answer would be a resounding NO FREAKIN' WAY!!
  • My son is grown and has a family of his own. His friends would go to him before they came to me. If my son, who is very loyal to his friends, wouldn't take him in, then there's something wrong about the guy and I would tell him no, because my son would have called me about the guy before he ever got to my house.
  • Questions: 1. Has your son talked to you about this possibility? 2. How old are these poeople? 3. Do they have children or is she pregnant? 4. Are they (one or both) wanted by the authorities? 5. Are they drug users/sellers or should then be wanted by the authorities? 6. Why was he kicked out of his home? 7. Why is his girlfriend living on the streets with him? 8. Is either one in school? and if not why not? I would probably say NO because they need not wear out their welcome with me, I have enabled enough and shouldn't do more. Lots more that could be said about this.
  • I have no family here, but my wife does. She has some family members that I would help in a heartbeat, and others I wouldn't offer a shoestring if it meant saving their lives. If I do help someone, they have to be willing to make an effort to correct their situation, and as long as I feel they are making an effort I will help and offer patience long and sure. If they are just leaching off me / us, or continuously stir up drama in my home... BYE.
  • I would allow him to stay the night. Depending on how old he was(18 or older) I would do some research during the day of places that would take them in. Our tax money goes to alot of stuff that will provide them shelter in weekly rate hotels and give them food. If they were 18 and younger and should be in school I would first call their parents and if there is no responce then I would alert the authorities of the situation. Either way I would only provide them sanctuary for one night and make sure they realize that. If they refuse to go I would call the authorites. They need to help themselves. If people keep giving them handouts they will never further themselves in life. No one made it out of the hole they dig themselves with help from others. Deep down its only ourselves that can do that.
  • you should help the guy out
  • my mom did that for my brothers friend and his friends girlfriend. they stayed a couple of days until she found out they were being looked for by the police for bail jumping. be carefull!!

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