• Bumper crop.
  • 2 varieties of heirloom tomatoes Zucchini 2 varieties of hot peppers and I think some seeds from last years Jack o'Lanterns snuck in to where they shouldn't be
  • I have 4 tomato plants (2 yellow tomato plants). I should get over 600 tomatoes through the season. I might have to can some of them. I also planted eggplant, cucumbers and strawberries.
  • Hmmm. I look at the garden. And sit in it. Planting just isn't my thing... My dad planted a cherry tree the other night though. I hate cherries. Damn.
  • Nothing. Haven't gotten around to it. I'll plant tomatoes, cumcumbers and zukini squash.
  • :) pc Tomatoes so far..strawberries next! :)
  • a Yucca that got too big and outgrew the pot it was's still alive so far....
  • Strawberries :) Lots and lots of Strawberries :D~
  • Tomatoes onions okra bell peppers red peppers green beans cucumbers and if its any thing like last yr, enough for us and the neighbors, cause it grows & grows. We had tomatoes till late sept.
  • I have already planted and harvested Georgia Collard Greens, broccoli, and romaine lettuce. I still have some collards in the ground, but now most of my garden is filled with banana peppers, jalapenos, habaneros, yellow squash, zucchini squash, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, and cantaloupe. My tomatoes are impressive so far this year and the yellow squash just bloomed last week. It looks like I will have very heavy yields of crooknecks.
  • I planted bulbs in November which grew into flowers last month. My rose bushes are looking very healthy with many buds about to bloom.
  • So far I've planted: 7 tomato plants 9 cabbage plants 6 cauliflower plants 6 lettuce head plants 1 sweet green pepper plant a row of cucumber seeds 2 rows of onion seedlings 4 parsley plants I also have seeds for carrots, radishes, green beans and chives I am planning on getting some seeds for sweet peas, also. I am looking forward to a big and yummy harvest, just like this from last year!
  • I didn't plant anything this year. However, I may receive a bumper crop of weeds.
  • 62 tomato plants and 15 types 15 eggplants 20 cucumber 20 cabbage 20 zuchinni 10 crookneck squash 4 20 foot rows of radishes 1 20 foot row of cabbage 1 20 foot row of turnips 1 20 foot row of kohlrabi 1 20 foot row carrots 1 20 foot row parsnips 20 pumpkins 3 20 foot rows sunflowers

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