• 1. Paris 2. Agra (Taj Mahal) 3. Rio de Janeiro Note: this list is very fluid, nothing's final when it comes to travel ;)
  • France, Russia and Japan. Don't know when, if ever, I'll actually ever make all three trips though. But France would be to live there, the other two would be to visit.
  • Hawaii, Grand cayman island, and Aruba
  • Greece,Tibet,India.
  • my 3 destinations to travel to 1.)puerto rico its beautiful 2.)costa rica its amazing climate 3.)tokyo its just WOW
  • Alaska (again), Hawaii (again) and Europe including Germany and England.
  • Canada .......... again British Isles ... my ancestry Australia ....... someday, I hope
  • Taj Mahal in Agra. It's fantastic. Then you can visit Maldives and Andaman .
  • Australia---so much to see and do Dubai---so much wealth and over-the-top things Caribbean--fun in the sun
  • Africa China Thailand
  • Japan England China
  • American Samoa. Hong Kong. Amsterdam....
  • Without considering the practical limitations involved I'd love to go to Mars and see Olympus Mons, which is about 90,000 feet high and which I think is the tallest mountain in the solar system. What the hell, if my wife and I had unlimited life spans I'd love to see a quasar. If I can remove the 4th dimensional limitations on my itinerary then I'd love to go back in time and see some terrestrial and marine prehistoric creatures, such as T-Rex, brachiosaurus, and lipopleurodon. Otherwise we'd like to see Lago Titicaca; Cuzco, Peru; and Kala Patar in Nepal, which gives one the following view of the Himalayas (from left to right- Cho Oyu, Everest in the background, and Nuptse):
  • india,europe and london is top three travel destination.
  • 1- The First To India and In India Golden Triangle Tour Destinations Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi and After That Kerala And Goa for Beaches and Leh Ladakh For Adventures Place 2- Bhutan Country so beautiful for his beautiful Greenery environment and such a very beautiful country in the Whole World 3- New York is a beautiful and developed country and Dubai also famous for Burj Khalifa and more buildings. If you want to know more about the countries and destination please mail me on and want to get quote and itinerary please visit -
  • Here, there, everywhere.
  • The top three that I travel to regularly and enjoy are: Manhattan, Barcelona and London. The three I want to travel to are The Easter Islands, St Petersburg, and Yosemite National Park.
  • The few states in the u.s. I haven't yet been to. I've never seen the west coast. I'd actually like to drive it from one end to the other. I'd like to travel Route 66 before it I'd like to travel route 66 before it's closed. And my family reunion even though I've already been there I'd like to make it again.

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