• lots and lots and lots of foreplay.
  • Have him do pc muscle excersises( what you flex when you stop yourself form peeing) sever times a day.... have him flex it 20 times then 40 then 80. eventually until he can do it a few hundred times a day. This will give him better stanima as well as prolong his orgasm. It can be done at work, sitting down, anywhere. Hope this helps (lot of articles online about other things that can hep too)
  • You could try using a cock ring, not the vibrating type, just a normal one, it cuts the circulation slightly and should make him last longer
  • Jerk him off and get him to dump a big load and then fuck about an hour later.
  • tell him 2 stop sleeping late dont work 2 hard stop masterbating and tell him stop being selfish
  • tell him to masterbate and when he is about to cum stop.. and then start again and keep doing that over and over again for awhile and do that every time he masterbates and then he will be able to last longer my guy friend was telling me about it he does that everytime and it makes him last for like 45 minutes... Also you can get condoms with lube in it that will make him hold his load for longer.
  • 20 minutes is actually above average for a single session. Does this account for penetration only or are you including foreplay as well? And you said you "finish" too, so what's the real problem? is it because you two don't come at the same time? would you say you finish way before him, and by the time he comes you're well on your way to your second orgasm, and are left unsatisfied? Is he unwilling or unable to go for a second round, or continue with oral, manual, etc? Communication is key in these situations. Regarding your question, that really depends on the couple's dynamics. If you comment with more details, specially on how you guys usually start, and what happens after you finish, I'd be happy to continue discussing.

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