• Your feelings for the other man are understandable. You obviously miss being treated nicely. It sounds like your husband has formed some bad habits that you are both going to need to work hard on in order to salvage your relationship. It would be IMMENSELY BAD if you acted upon your feelings with this other man. It would destroy your marriage and RUIN your children for life. There would be no end to your children's trust issues if you choose a path of infidelity. Also, it is very easy for this man on the outside to treat you nicely. He doesn't have to deal with the reality of spending time with your kids. He doesn't have to deal with the history of the life you and your husband have built together. He doesn't even have to worry about spending money on you, or wooing you--because you are not in a position to be wooed. Makes me wonder what a shark like him is really after? Of course I know the answer to that: sex. He wants your sex and that's it. And all the niceness he's showing you is part of his plan to get it. Men like him are leeches--don't let him feed on you.
  • Individual counseling or couples counseling is how you solve marital problems not fooling around outside the marriage.
  • maybe you shouldnt be with him if hes going to be like that

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