• Yes - cause smoke permeates tissues in the throat and beyond; plus smokers tend to have stained teeth and you can usually smell it in their clothes and hair.
  • Yes, the smoke, gets into your clothing and hair, use febreeze!
  • Yes, quite easily.
  • Yes it`s like kissing an ashtray, not very pleasant.
  • I smoke but my (ex) husband did not and even after I brushed my teeth or chewed gum he could still taste it. We didnt do much kissing which was ok because he wasnt a good kisser anyway. To answer your question the way it was stated..yes they can tell.
  • Yes..every time. Also..the smoker's clothes, hair and skin smells. It cannot be disguised.I have a hairdresser who smokes and tries very hard to minimize the smell, but everytime she bends over me or lifts her arms, there is a waft of cig smell. I have never forgotten when my son was small...I smoked occasionally (3 a day, unless I was out socially, then more) son said to me one night, as I huggedhim, "mommy I don't like your smell...don't kiss me, OK?" I was crushed. And I quit on the spot.
  • ok thanks. ... i am gonna quit after fnalls, the stress of them get to me .... and i am normally a non smoker but i just got a boyfriend and then FINALS! so lol yeah i chain smoke when i do smoke but i can stop easliy ... un til this time of th year .... how long does it take to get ride of my taste ... my parent smokes so i smell like smoke no matter what i do
  • Yes. It wasn't the pleasant part of my memory of her (25 years ago)
  • they might, it depends on the person

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