• Whether you like her or not, you shouldn't sleep with someone that has a partner. Now from you actions you've hurt this man that she's with. He doesn't deserve to be hurt by you. Cheating is wrong. If she's doing this with you while she's with him, GUESS WHAT, she'll do it to you when she's with you too.
  • U should be straight up with her Go to her and tel her how u feel about her and ask her if wut happened tht night ment any thing to her or was it jst a hook up And go from there if she was jst lookin for a hook up than forget about her if she's into u maybe she should break up wit her bf and start dating u but first things first jst confront her with ur feelings
  • tell her its cool, and keep her as a friend with benefits.
  • Thx wonderland for the quick response. Yeah, we met up a few days later at a restaurant to talk about it. I told her how I felt,and she said she really likes me back, but is pretty serious with her bf (I can tell). I want to keep talking to her, but not sure how persistent to be (don't want to be a pathetic stalker).
  • man have I been there. I can save you a lot of heartbreak and tell you man forget it. Either the sex was really bad (whiskey dick) or She will prbably tell you it was a mistake, she was drunk, and ask to still be friends. She probably likes you but doesn't want to give up the bf and alcohol was an excuse to have a little fun with someone she knew liked her (she is a woman and yes she knew you liked her...believe me women know when a guy likes them) with no strings attached. Chock it up as a good time and some free booty, get yourself tested and move on if she thought of it as anything more than a one nighter she would have said she was leaving the bf, not telling you she had a bf.
  • I have told her i want more than just the one night, I really like her, but she wont break up with her bf. I just wonder the level of contact I should keep. Her bf is a douchebag and she told me he treats her bad. They fight all the time it drives me nuts. I've known her a long time, she's not a "one night" type of girl. I haven't talked to her since the restaurant. What should I do next?
  • Find another and do it sober this time.
  • I think you should let it go. I know you care about her but she needs to make a lot of decisions. She needs to break up with her boyfriend if he treats her badly whether you are there waiting or not. If she made those decisions and approached you I would say go for it but she hasn't done those things. So I say let it go.
  • yuk...move on....she just cheated and she will cheat on you....especially when intoxicated....bad character..

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