• I think it needs more women who know what a manly man is!
  • No we need more emo kids. (//_-)
  • Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I dont like competition.
  • Yes yes.
  • whats ur defenition? theres alot of different kinda of manly men
  • I think the world needs more women who know what they want.
  • no... please... no... well unless that's what you want i want a guy who's not afraid to say how he feels about me
  • well im here if you need me. wnat me to pick up something really heavy? i might pop a blood vessel, but i'll sure look cool.....lmfao.. im totally manly, but im also totally cool and also im really passionate AND affectionate (good combo) although i don't look gruffy, i got more of a baby face with long blonde hair and green/blue eyes. im a slender/ slighlty musclcuar build (not scrwany i got muscle but not huge)also i got dimples when i smile. and like to feel like i'm the man, and act manly, but also in touch with myself and others, and have no problem saying how i feel, even if it's a little embarrasing (read down, i'm a cuddler). i was just talking earlier about liking to cuddle soooo.... id say i'm not exaclty on a macho TRIP or anything... good? bad? im listening... :) (oh yea and i'm not a MAN PIG, which alot of guys are) i think i'm sweet and easygoing, unless i need to to something important. ;) hows that? that's my best description of myself, what the the ladies think (guys need not answer, although i respect thier opinions too.....)
  • chill people are rad, it's good to know they are out there somewhere /:0 (also long hair and badass metal music is tha SHIIIIT BOYEEEE...
  • The world needs smarter men.
  • The world needs more men who don't bow to strict conventions as to what is or is not manly. It takes real self-knowledge and a good upbringing not to worry about such things.
  • Well if you mean macho I don't think so. I was almost pretty before I spent a few years with one of those and gosh.
  • Yes, there just isn't enough of me to go around these days.
  • It needs more men who are masculine but refined, strong but gentlemanly, not the crude, violent, barbaric manly guys who have no necks and who look out of place in a classy suit and tie. Men who respect other men, and who wants women to act like ladies and treat them with respect. These men are confident enough in their own masculinity that they are not uncomfortable in hugging and kissing their children in public, are not homophobic, and are not abusive towards women. That's the kind of men the world needs.
  • Yes....please!
  • Oh yes, it's been 3 months and all my men friends still haven't managed to fix my gate!!!!!
  • That depends on what you mean by manly. I think this world needs more men that face responsibility. This world needs less of men who poke their fingers in peoples chest.
  • As opposed to womanly men?
  • Well to tell you the truth YES! We have a dramatic influx since the vietnam war of what I like to call "Spineless Passivist Pansys". If your man is a sensitive guy he probably most likly never defend you and wont satisfy you in bed. This is because sensitivity can be derived from lack of being blessed with a good set of organs or they have a good case of the minute-man fever so they make up for this with the constant flow of "Nice and sensitive things to say." Now theres the more serious cases of this which we like to call by the simple three letter word "Emo". This is indentifyed with the such extreme lack of confidence that they wear womens clothes and grow their hair out really long then cut it in the back and let it hang over their face because they are such gigantic wimps that they dont want to look anybody in the eye. Do you really want a man who isnt going to stand up to some drunk guy at the bar when you go out to eat when he grabs your ass and says "Nice tits there sweetiepie."? Im very manly or as I like to call it masculine... Sounds like its said with more class huh? Now I will bless this answer with a song for my fellow beer chugging, bar brawling, never faltering brothers.
  • In the manner of being responsible for his family and doing right: Yes. As for arrogant machismo I'll pass.
  • We need REAL men that are already here to be more responsbile so the ones that follow will see from example. Because it takes a real man to teach a boy how to be any kind of man.
  • I think society especially on tv tries to feminize men, Saying they should be more submissive. Women dont want that, some may 'think' they do b/c that's what society is saying. They want to feel protected, secure, safe among other things.

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