• errrr just a bit harsh!!! obviously ain't worth it if oyu ask me! must have known you were too good for him!
  • It could definitely be harsh, but it was careless to say the least. If he is that fickle and that careless, you should have moved on before he left you.
  • I wouldn't call it harsh, but I would call it cowardly. face to face is a more dignified way to break up. If he can't walk with you through one rough spot then you're better without him.
  • I'd call it immature. You should never break up with anyone over a text message. He was wrong for doing this, don't sweat it, you're young and you'll definitely find someone better.
  • Harsh. He sounds like a dick. Pretty much. If he can't even break up with you in person...ah. You're SO better off without him :)
  • you know, he's not even worth thinking about. if he can't tell you face to face, then screw him. find someone better
  • He's a total JERK! HE couldn't tell you to your face, plus he texted when you were sick. I know you're hurt, but it's good that he broke up with you now, since he is a major peckerhead!
  • Harsh and chickenshitesq. Breaking up over text is pretty friggin lame.
  • He probably wasn't trying to be mean, just a coward. He didn't have the guts to do it face-to-face.
  • I notice now more then ever that guys take the easy way out and text or email verses face to face. You find out crap on myspace which is done on purpose because they want you to find out because they are to scared to say anything to you because of the possible scence. Cant say I blame them because i would go off the handle but grow up. You are only 16 honey and have a lot of loving left in your heart. I know its hard but i would let him go. you will more then likly not meet the love of your life for another 5-10 years. have fun and enjoy your youth. it goes by fast. dont waste the precious time you do have worring about a coward like him ok
  • Cruel, yes, but also an indicator that your mind can deceive you about whats in you're heart at that age.
  • Way Harsh but at least it's not the worst thing that will happen to you, sorry to be a bummer but it's true.
  • I agree with the others, Hope you'll get over it very soon. Since it is better for you not to be the girlfriend of a jerk..
  • Yes, I would say that it was a rather harsh and cowardly way to breakup. However, I would also point out something else here. You are both still rather immature. At your age, you should not expect relationships to last very long. Just accept this as a learning experience and file it away as you try to figure out what you want in a future husband. This is really where the focus of your dating should be at this point in your life. You should be seeking to get to know several young men and learning what you like and don't like in their personalities so that you can be better informed later on when you get down to actually trying to decide on a husband. So, yes, I think that your ex was a bit of cad in the way he broke up with you, but I think that you should take a longer term view of the situation and try not to let it get you down.
  • Cowardly in my opinion. It does tell me though that he really didn't care about you enough to tell you to your face, and that he's an immature kid for not having the guts to do so. Sorry for your loss, BUT, as I'm sure all of us older people in here can vouch for, there are PLENTY of fish in the sea, and plenty of good times ahead. Being in a serious relationship at such a young age takes away all the fun of being a teenager, and TRUST me, you will regret it when you are older. Go have some FUN girl!
  • Harsh and corny. You don't want a dude like that anyway. He wasn't even man enough (or young man enough) to tell you to your face. You can do much better.
  • yes. harsh. inconsiderate to kick a person when they are already down
  • Yep.Be glad he's gone:)
  • It is indeed harsh. Unlucky for you because you're still young and cannot easily cope with this. But, yhink on the positive side. That guy did not deserve you. He's not a kind of guy that you can rely into. Maybe this is for your experience. Try 2 think if these relation lasts longer, how harm it will effect you?

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