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  • Um, it means you engaged in a sexual activity with him that brought him to orgasm. If it had to mean something deep every time we splooged, we'd all be in very deep shit.
  • Hey Clueless, you are! Having an orgasm is a physical manifestation resulting from physical stimulation. Hopefully, feelings are involved, but you can get any guy to do that.
  • It means you're doing something that feels good. Sorry, no, someone's not more special to him for making him orgasm.
  • It means he's turned on by you...or at least was.
  • It says nothing about his feelings except that he wasn't repulsed by you at that very moment.
  • A guy can use his hand to achieve the same goal so don't sweat it. And when you write something it's WRITE not right.
  • It has nothing to do with feelings for someone, emotions. It's just a physical thing that happens, like opening up a tap. He can do it himself and think twice about what he is doing, sorry to say.
  • it means nothing at all, man is turned on by just about anything with two legs and a hole .
  • It means he's horny and oversensitized. It might have something to do with you, it might not. Regardless, you shouldn't be associating yourself with that kind of man. Your words are vague, but they way you've described him makes him sound strange (and not in that intriguing way).
  • He has to ejaculate it doesn't mean he loves you.
  • Yes and No, It can because it obviously it feels good but you don't always need feelings there to make yourself feel good. Everyman does NOT have feelings for his right hand... although I bet most mens right hands have made them cum lol
  • None whatsoever. It means he has been sexually stimulated to the point of organism. It can be a selfish act only for his own gratification.
  • It could just mean "Oh Baby! Oh Baby! I'm feeling HOT! I'm feeling REAL HOT! I'm gonna.... I'm gonna.... OOOOOOOH! God that feels good!..... AAAAAAAAAh! OK. You can leave now." It has nothing to do with having emotional feelings for someone. Those are two very different things.
  • Oh man... No, it doesn't mean anything about his feelings for you.
  • It doesn't mean a thing about his feelings towards you. Nothing at all. It's about how he acts and the things he does for you that you can tell his feelings.
  • It means you're a woman.....That's about it.
  • it means that he's sexually stimulated enough to have an must understand that anyone (men or women) can achieve orgasm without any emotional feelings towards someone, heck~you don't even need someone to accomplish it; please don't base a boy's sexual gratification with feelings for you or you'll wind up getting hurt.....
  • It means he had a good time with you.
  • i afraid it's just a phicical reflex but the fact you got into the situation means he must feel somthing for you (unless he was really drunk)then it might mean nothing talk to him about it.
  • It means he likes you at the moment.... I wouldn't say love is involved IF this is all you have to go on...
  • Generally it means absolutely nothing in regards to emotional like or dislike. When a man ejaculates it is the result of friction stimulating his penis.
  • A lot of men can have sex without having "loving feelings" towards a woman. It's in their biology to have sex merely because it's extremely pleasurable for them, and when they "come", it is only a physical expression of their stored lust.
  • No.. it just means that he was turrned on.. and then ofcourse his body being stimulated had thought it was gonna get whatever it was preggo. that's the only reason guys cum.
  • It doesn't mean he has feelings for you. Otherwise, they'd all be in love with their hands.
  • You must be really young to not know that guys don't need to feel anything in order to cum, all they need to do is stimulate that part of the body enough to get it to that point, they masturbate right, and they probably are not feeling anything more then the pleasure of stimulating there penis, be that with there hand or some other object. I suppose it can go either way though. Guys that love the other person involved tend to enjoy it a little more.
  • well to be honest that a good one lol but no coming has nothing to do with feeling toward someone its just a moment that took place but im pretty sure he enjoyed it and is lokking forward for the next time try to get him when he least expects it lol that will kick it into gear.
  • NO. i don't believe so. I think men can just like women can have sex and cum and not have feelings toward eachother, except feelings of lust.
  • Depends on the man... Plain and simple.
  • Unfortunately not. How he feels about you is much more evident in the way he behaves towards you.
  • The only thing it means is that he was experiencing great pleasure, and then he climaxed.
  • its called ejaculation and it means he had an orgasm. Dont take it for anything more than that. Men do not link sex and emotion in any way.
  • It does mean you turned him on at that moment and that is about it.
  • it means his body is functioning correctly. A man is likely to cum whether he loves or hates you. Hopefully there is more to it, but most men will ejaculate regardless of emotion.
  • a man could cum while being raped. the body does not care wether or not he gave consent, odds are unless he has insanely powerful dicipline or some psychological damage (or has not recharged since his last ejaculation) were he unable to physicaly stop her a non-ugly could rape a man to the point of cumming.
  • it's a guys orgasm, he can cum by masturbating himself so it doesn't say much about individual people. it's like a woman, you don't have to fancy a guy to have an orgasm, if you masturbate it's just the touching of certain parts of you that triggers it, it's a physical thing
  • it all depends on where he blows his load. if u finish him off with oral and u swallow he might start to like ya more as long as u dont start tryin to stick ur tounge in his mouth right after and plus there is less mess to clean up. If he ends up blowin his load in ur face aiming for ur eyes or hair he prob just thinks of u as his bitch to degrade and disrespect. unless u ask for it like that. There are places to unload that are more respectful like squirting cum on ur chest, stomach or in a towel or something. Personally if i have feelings for a girl or its just sex i like to pull out from behind and let it hit her sore ass cheeks with a good spludge but sometimes it lands on her back and if it goes as far as the in the hair i feel bad about it. I really try to respect women so i always give warning and can usually read there reaction as to what i should do and always give a heads up when gettin oral. just coming doesn't have much to do with emotions cuz masterbation doesn't make me love myself more when i reach climax
  • It really only means you brought him to orgasm. Nothing more. Think about it like this, some guys have wet dreams, where they have an orgasm while dreaming. and they also usually ejaculate when masturbating. None of these have anything to do with feelings, just biology.
  • no doesnt mean anything ur a woman and hes a man
  • If he's over 40 and he does, it MIGHT mean that he's deeply attracted to you. If he's younger than 40 but over 30, it means that he doesn't get any stimulation at home. And if he's under 20, it means you just happened to be there. : D
  • If a man can cum by just watching an exciting tv show then I guess it doesn't mean much.
  • umm no its as common I think as sweating for a man.
  • i dont think ,that when a man cums u can tell if he has feeling towards u or it means something to you!Look,if u want to indicate if this person has feelings towards u,then u can always tell with his moves."Actions count more then words"
  • Nah, it's very physical.. men can cum as long as he has a partner that turns them on. Prostitutes are good at this field.
  • No, it is just a natural thing they do when having sex. All it means is that it felt good enough for them to cum.
  • yes. no man has ever ejaculated into a woman he did not want to spend the rest of his live with and would die if he couldn't. NOT. it means he is sexualy stimulated to the point of climax. guys climax with prostitutes. guys can cum raping someone who they hate based on prejudice. you have to be desperate to delude yourself into thinking a man orgasming means more than that his penis was properly stimulated.
  • it means NOTHING, except he had an orgasm and enjoyed the use of your body. If you want to know how he feels, observe his actions outside of sex. does he call? does he want to spend time with you? does he watch yu when you arent looking? these are the things that matter, not sex!
  • What you should pay more attention to is what his behavior is like directly after he cums. If he's having sex with you in the first place chances are he'll be able to get off. But a lot of times you might be able to tell how he feels about you by his reaction afterwards. If he's very withdrawn and in a rush to leave then you've got problems. If he's still affectionate toward you after he's done then you probably don't have anything to worry about.

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