• Tell her she wont like it when shes older.
  • Compromise. Perhaps she could be appeased with the light switches or some of the trim being painted this color. If not, what's the big deal? You can repaint in a few years when Barney is no longer her favorite.
  • Its going to be hard to convince any young child that what they like now they shouldnt like. Try giving her a big blank poster board and have her paint it barney purple, then hang it up right by her bed and keep it their for a couple weeks or a month. Ask her everyday if she still likes the color. If she gets sick of looking at it then she will tell you she has thought of a new color. Because it will be there for a LONG time remind her. :)
  • I would pick out 3-4 colors you find exceptionable then let her her pick one of those. It's not really a democracy. It may be her room, but it's your house.
  • so whats wrong with barney purple? its just the same color as goofy grape. its a wonderful color. you have obviously given your daughter the opportunity to choose a color. now you have to follow through. just do one wall. i painted my room in burnt orange. i did the bathroom in red, and the living room in lime green.
  • but it's not a bad choice.i love it.if you really don't like the idea how about just doing one or two walls purple and the other walls a light colour.
  • Maybe do pinstripes or a chair-rail type paint job on cream.
  • There are a lot of bad choices one can make in life... "barney purple" is not one of them. Help her expand her mind and creativity. Let her help you paint her room "barney purple" - you don't have to do it all in one day. There are ways you can brighten it up, lighter brighter curtains, desks, photo frames, bed covers, pinstripes (as mentioned) I can't tell you how many colors and themes I have painted on my daughters rooms. When my oldest was 14yr she decided she wanted to "journal" on her pastel colored walls. She notated important moments in her life. When friends spent the night or came over to celebrate an event, they signed her wall. I thought it was a mess at first but there really are worse decisions she could have made in life. Now she is getting ready to go off to college. Her younger sister is already making plans for her room, which includes painting. The thought of painting over all those precious moments makes me sad. But, my youngest is now 15yr and moving into a new era of her own. I think "barney purple" is a pretty grown up choice for such a little girl. I think its great that she has an opinion ;)
  • Why is it a bad colour??
  • Tell her you like it?
  • Tell her that Hannah Montana really doesn't like the color "barney purple" :)
  • Tell her "If we paint it that color, it stays for three years." Paint it, then she'll have three years to see just what a bad color for a room it has turned out to be. That'll convince her.
  • If it's her room let her have the color of her choice.
  • Meh, I say go it. Great thing about paint is that when you are done with it, you can just paint right over it.
  • She gets to do one wall of her choice in the colour of her choice because the shop only has a small pot of purple paint left.

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