• this is the movie HOW DO THEY DO IT??
  • I don't know how they did it, but the way I did it was to fill the tank with gasoline, get a little gas on the tip, light it, and pull the trigger. Not having the pilot on the tip probably is a lot better though as the plastic will melt. They also had more impressive results. *NOTE* I don't really recommend anyone try this.
  • Many people use something instead of gasoline. (gasoline can eat through the plastic parts of the supersoaker) I know that in one of the videos of the supersoaker flamethrower the kids used bmw windshield wiper fluid. You don't really have to mod your supersoaker at all. Just load up the tank with the flammable liquid and attach a match or a candle to the end of the spray nozzle.
  • Many people use something instead of gasoline because gasoline eats through plastic.Iprefer using windsheild wiper fluid or alchohol because they work better.You don't really have to mod your supersoaker at all.All you have to do is get a paper clip bend it until its straight then attatch it to the front of the supersoaker.Use something little and flammable like a marshmallow or a candle or a match.Then attatch it to the paper clip.Fill the tank with the flammable fluid.Light the thing attatched to the paper clip.Then pump up the supersoaker so that you can shoot it.Then just have fun with the flamethrower.Use the flamethrower on concrete so that it can't catch on fire.So just have fun and don't get in trouble.
  • dont try without using a closing mechanism.

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