• Yeh, i think i would have ended up a blue collar worker, like a brickie or something. Either that, or a bouncer... lol
  • Yea, being a mom would be impossible then.
  • If i was born the opposite ex, id choose to look like you lol! Back to the real Q - nuh hopefully not, i dont earn half enough money and only just about get by! So i'd like to think i would have been a brain surgeon or summat - had i been born male
  • I probably would have been in logging, a faller maybe. That was the thing to get into where I came from.
  • would have been a super model if been born a woman!
  • Actually, were I the opposite sex, that would be something I would not change. But don't think I would have been given the chance. Men have the advantage in career and income. I wasn't thinking super model. Yeah I think that, being a movie star or singer would appeal. But, I was thinking in spite of the sex change, my talents would still be the same. And I am so average looking I perceived I would be an average looking woman. Let me add something. Were I a woman and average looking. I would dress really like what I like in women now. Not the revealing sexy stuff. But what I find really sexy. Women in business type dressed. Women dressed very casual and a bit athletic. I find women really sexy is casual slacks, a white athletic sort of blouse. For a night out. I know women have the little black dress. I would wear white with open back or maybe a flowing purple gown. I have perfect eyesight. But think I might like some glasses such as an authorative sort of woman like a doctor, lawyer or woman college professor. Wow, I love feminine power. As a man, I hate the power that goes with being a man. Adore it in women. As far as revealing dress, I like to hid it. Jist a hint. Imagination goes a long way.
  • Gigalo.

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