• nope! I love netflix!
  • I have Blockbuster Online and I absolutely love it. I have some friends that have Netflix and they all say that it's great.
  • The only problem I had with them is this: When we first started using them the movies would arrive really fast. (I was allowed 3 at a time) Then there was a period of time with the ex and I had lots of time to watch movies. we would watch 3 movies in just a couple of days. We would send in 2 one day and the last one the next day. When we started watching them more frequently, it would take a week sometimes for the next movies to arrive. They were sending them from 45 miles away... It was almost like they had set a limit to how many we could watch in a month and slowed down the shipping process.
  • I have the 6 at a time plan, I watch up to 18 movies a week... I haven't had any complaints about shipping issues, in fact, its still a 1-2 day turnaround for sending things back... And I've been a member since 2003...
  • Sometime the discs scratched, and they will send you the replacement.
  • my only complaint would be that i am not so good at sending back the movies they send.
  • I didn't really have any problems when we had it. There were a couple of times when it took longer than it should have for us to receive the movie. The only reason we got rid of it is because my husband got laid off and we were cutting out costs.
  • NO. I get my movies 3 days after I mail in the old ones. I had one come broken and they had no problem sending me a new one. I love my Netflix!!!
  • I've had them for a couple of years now. Had a couple that never showed up when they said they had mailed them. No problem, they just send me another. My main issue with them is that they don't list the new releases. Usually only older movies that are now just coming out on DVD and some new releases. New ones that just played at the theatre, you'll end up looking for them by title.
  • My only complaint is that the new and really desireable movies are not available for streaming. Why not have more movies stream? I mean it saves the company on shipping the DVDs. There would be no limits to the amount of movies you could watch so they wouldn't make any money probably. Either way, the only excuse they have is that it is slower and makes money this way by the lag in shipping and the limits to the DVDs so many people do the upgraded accounts. Seriously: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, Feed and Teeth are just a sample of the "blockbusters" they have for instant viewing. come on netflix! Give us some GOOD movies instantly. It is especially irritating since they want you to give Netflix for a gift, and it says "unlimited instant movies" what they don't tell you is that they are the awful B movies.
  • No I don't.

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