• I have had amazing results with lye soap. Just wash as normal with it and it works better than medicine!
  • What works best for me for either poison oak or ivy is hot hot water running over the area for as long as you can stand and as hot as you can take it. It will itch like crazy but when you take it out of the water, it will not be itching. Then when it returns do it again, even a hot wash cloth works pretty good. And this seems to dry it out and remover any oil left at the site. It makes it heal super quick. Something else that has worked at times, though not as good as the hot water, is oatmeal paste or honey. If you want to try more things, look here:-)
  • aloe Vera lotion or if you have the plant its self you can squeeze the juice right out on your rash
  • Regular soap dries it up really quick. My hubby likes the woods a bunch and he uses Ivyrest I think might be the name of it, he says it works wonders. also make sure you wash your hands if you scratch, I hade a friend who got it in her mouth and throat, not good!

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