• Probably the lion, the tiger can run faster away from the lion.
  • The lion is the king of the jungle.
  • Discovery channel has/had a show called Animal Face-off where they "tested" two similar animals in a fight. Of course they didn't actually test, but simply evaluated their strengths and weaknesses, then computer generated a fight. In this show, the lion won.
  • I say the tiger, because I think it has a bit more style, and a bit more grit. But hey, that's just me!
  • If equal size, I'd say the tiger since they are loners while lions generally depend on the pack. If a female tiger vs. a single female lion, I'd definitely vote on the female tiger - very aggressive. If male lion vs. similar size male tiger I'd bet even money. The turf could also matter as each will fight more courageously to defend it's own territory or a kill.
  • the lion because they were raised to fight, they must defend their pride against ousiders...where as tigers are born to run, and hunt they dont like to fight bacause they live alone and injury can mean starvation. The lion has a thick mane which is a huuuge advantage because tigers go for the throut by instict but the lion is protected. The tiger is usually scared of the lion because of the lion aggressivness
  • I was going to say the Tiger. He would pull the lions hair/mane, then run away fast?...lmao
  • I'll go with the Lion. He's not the king of the jungle for nothing.
  • Indeed this is a great discussion, but my pick will be for Lion as the famous saying goes, which could be stronger than lion and which could be sweeter than honey. Definitely I do think Lion has a slight edge over tiger. franklin
  • Lion. It's not King of the Jungle for nothing.
  • I couldn't bear to watch, oh my. The Lion usually hunts in prides whereas the tiger is a solo hunter and hence his skills at one on one combat would be much keener than that of the lion so without a doubt the tiger would master the lion.
  • The tiger is larger and stronger, with wider paws & longer straighter claws for slashing ... but the lion is faster, has hooked claws for trapping & controlling, and has a better jaw for killing ... so I would bet on the lion.
  • With the Tiger being the larger cat and one used to "going it alone" versus the smaller lion that is used to the team hunting concept, I think I would bet on the tiger, but it may ultimately depend on the terrain that determines the victor.
  • although tigers are bigger and stronger than lions in jst about every way apart from shoulder hight in witch lions are taller lions are far more agressive as they are constantly fighting on rival lions and because of this verocity they would easily beat a tigger as tiggers do not fight each other often and there for with having no rivals there are not very agressive (compared to lions)
  • According to the fight-simulation team on Animal Face Off, a lion would win. They reasoned that although the tiger is larger and stronger than the lion, the lion would win because being a more social animal, it gets into more peer-peer territorial combat than a tiger does. It therefore has more fighting experience and more developed combat skills.
  • It's debatable but ask any big cat specialist and most will say the Tiger. It's true the tiger is the larger of the two and more agile and athletic. Plus, it has better stamina than the lion. I don't care what those stupid unrealistic simulated fights on animal planet say, a tiger will usually come out on top. if you still aren't convinced, go to youtube and type tiger vs. lion. their is a clip of a tiger surrounded by lions totally putting a whuppin on them all
  • the bigger one
  • If it's one on one the tiger would deffinetly win because the lion would need his pride(group of lions) to really win. Also tigers kinda have a jaw that could easily shatter the lions skull. The only reason the lion was named king of the jungle was because of it's mane and color, also the lions stayed in large groups and easily noticed while the tigers rarely were in groups and weren't noticed much
  • Either or - survival of the fittest
  • True a lion is a pro. Though it dosent have the grace and much athletic skill as the tiger, the tiger focuses on body weight and jaw strength, lions are more vicious creatures and experienced since they kill ever so often. Tiger would win (depending on lion) Lion would win depending on there aggretion and size... when a lion is aggrevated, it will murder the tiger hands down, with its slow but consistant clawing and biting.

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