• The normal kit consists of a forest with trees, an axe, a saw, some sketch plans and a plaid shirt. You can't go too far wrong with that, but do remember to leave gaps for doors and windows.
  • We did just that, built it ourselves. We are still doing a bit of the trim work around the place and I still need to tile the shower. (Having a hard time picking out the tile lol!!) We loved the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. The company we got our home from was Kuhn's Bros, which ship nation and worldwide. They are based in PA and if you can get there or if you purchase a kit from them, you can go on their weekend workshops which are really hands on. One day of instruction and tour and the next day you work on small scale buildings, assembling, doing windows, sealing, all sorts of things. They are the best company. When you get a kit it's complete, down to every nail and sealant, plastic, doorknobs, everything but the cabinets, plumbing, electrical and those finishing kind of things. But the whole finished sealed up house is in their kit and with great quality, like Anderson windows, great shingles, and a top sealer finish. You work with a rep who keeps in touch with you and can give you help on site. They are terrific about people calling up on any day and asking for help. They'll pull out your plans and talk you through it. YOU can use their plans or have a custom one drawn up like we did. If you want to see what the building process was like, I've got quite a few albums showing the project from the ground up, though I haven't updated the latest. It's at Webshots ; If you'd like to know more or just talk about it, I love talking 'logs' :-)

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