• By camera has a charger for the battery that's about the size of a small wallet, you slide the battery into place and plug it into an outlet.
  • plug it into the charger
  • I plug my digital camera into the charger that came with it and then into the USB on my computer.
  • My Kodak has a niCad battery & has a seperate charger.
  • Ours came with a dock that can transfer th photos to the computer without taking out the stick or charges up th batteries quickly. We've taken just the camera on trips and taken lots of photos and movies all on one charge. Never had it run out of umpff!
  • You should hava a adpater/charger, hook it up with your digital camera (or the digital camera battery), it will charge the battery automatically. Sometimes you will use a usb cable to charge the digital camera if you don't have a charger/adpter, you can find it here

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