• This is a good question!! I have worked for both and found that a small business (if you get along with everyone) is by far so much better than a large corporation. Because there are so few people, you have to work together to achieve the common goal. Where as in a larger corporation, if you need help the attitude seems to be, "That's not my job"
  • Really good question! I've worked for small(8 people), medium (couple hundred), largest was about 60,000 world wide. Larger companies generally have better benefits but you are disposable, tiny companies have fewer benefits but you can make a bigger difference and there is less "red tape". I like medium (1-4 thousand).
  • I think medium sized business are fun places to work (a couple hundred employees). They are still small enough that you can learn new things and advance but big enough for a little security and some benefits. You also tend to have a voice in medium sized companies because they are often privately owned and you can speak to management. You may not get paid as much or received large bonuses but you make up for it in quality of life.
  • They each have their advantages and disadvantages. There are exceptions to every rule of course but these are some general pros & cons. In large corporations you tend to get lost in the shuffle, but procedures/rules are more fair and lenient to encompass EVERYone there. Smaller businesses you get individualized treatment, rules might be more strict as there aren't as many people and you are under more scrutiny. Large corporations tend to have better benefits, more accrued vacation time, larger bonuses, etc. Smaller companies generally dont usually have good insurance plans or 401k/retirement plans. Some do, of course there are exceptions but small businesses dont usually opt for the good insurance, most will keep you a part time employee just so they dont have to give you benefits! Some larger companies have union backing, while small bizz doesnt. But with smaller business you might have a higher title as there arent as many people to compete for it, also your bosses might feel like friends instead of supervisors if the business is really small. So there is good and bad.... you'd have to compare them on an individual basis.

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