• All creation can feel 'pain' including plant and single cell life in that they will move to avoid it and scream before and during the event. Even bacteria colonies war against other colonies with chemical weapons and will build immunity of their own as defence.
  • Yikes... this is dangerous territory... that's about as intelligent as a cockroach is -- they try to avoid death as best they can -- the lobster, a close relative (if only in appearance), can pull its own legs apart without flinching, I doubt a cockroach would be more developed in its sense of "pain". Now psychic pain, like "ohmygawd, I almost got stepped on!!!" -- that's another matter.
  • Yes they can, they have extremely sensitive nerve endings on the outside of their bodies that are are extremely sensitive to light, and causes them physical irritation (pain) which explains why they hide in dark areas run away when you switch the lights on. I view of this one sensory attribute, I can only deduce the the nerve endings, and hence pain receptors, continue throughout their bodies like any other creature and they feel pain throughout. When I was a kid, we were overrun with them and took great delight in trapping them under plastic tubs and runing them around until they were exhausted and most of their legs had come off . . . at which point we usually put them into the Central Heaiting boiler as the only humane way to completly end their lives for good. I know we were only kids, but when the house is overrun by these things even kids devise way to pay-them-back for all the creepy things they did to us . . . crawling up our legs when we were eating breakfast and often found them in the food cupboards (presumably looking for some tasty morcel to eat for lunch. AyJayCee
  • Yes, I believe they possess sensory nerves.
  • Yup, they have a nervous system. Just like every other animal and bug.
  • the answer is maybe yes or maybe no. the question is what are you going to do when the time comes to pass when you are face to face with a living breathing cockroach? thats what i think is most important. whatever you chose to do is a reflection of oneself.
  • Who cares? I say stomp them, spray them, nuke them if you have to. I can't stand them!!
  • They have a nervous system and are warm blooded so yes but do you really care. I just do not want to see the disgusting creatures.
  • I asked my preacher this and he said, "well... hitler killed 6 million of them back in the day, so yes." and i was like WTF?
  • Yes, I believe so. When someone kills a cockroach and it's still moving, I say "Put it out of its mysery!" and they say "It can't feel anything!" so yeah, but I think they can. But...does it matter? I believe all living creatures deserve life...well, unless it's like a wasp or bee and it attacks you or something. But, cockroaches? Just put them outside. Poor things. They can survive 2 weeks with no head and a nuclear war, but we kill them with chemicals. *Shakes head disapprovingly*
  • Doubtful. All animals react to noxious stimuli -- even single-celled organisms. But invertebrates such as insects (including roaches) have a far different nervous system compared to mammals. Just because they perceive painful stimuli does not mean that they experience the unpleasant emotional aspect of pain that people do. In other words, it's doubtful that cockroaches SUFFER from the experience of pain -- or indeed that 'pain' is even the correct word to describe their sensations. Even among vertebrates, it's not clear that animals such as fish or frogs feel pain. It's equally clear, however, that mammals such as rodents, dogs, cats, etc. definitely experience pain in a manner similar to humans because they have a cerebral cortex homologous to our own. That's why I have no compunction about gushing bugs, but I use mousetraps to humanely dispatch mice.

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