• I usually just find an officer and ask him to check the repair and sighn on the line.
  • That's actually kind of scary if it's true. I mean...where's the line anymore.
  • Just the damn greedy government figuring out new ways to take our money.
  • i got one last night for having "too much" distraction on my car :/ i got neon lights underneath it and they want it off.
  • If you receive a citation for due to faulty equipment, this is considered a "fix-it" ticket. This may be dismissed by the court if you show the court proof the violation has been corrected. Once the fault is repaired, a police officer must view the equipment and verify the equipment is functional by signing off on the ticket. The ticket must then be brought/mailed to the court of issuance. MOST courts and police agencies charge an administrative fee for this service. (for the past several years)
  • That's absurd. Straight up redonkulous. I have a video response to this. Side note: I crack myself up.
  • OMG, absolutely ludicrous. CHP cited me for not having the registration sticker on the car. When handing over my insurance the registration and accompanying sticker are in the glove compartment as well. Seeing this, the officer says that I cannot place it on the plates now because it is dirty and they'll fall off. He cites me anyway, I have it signed off today, but now have to appear in court on the 31st of July.

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