• It makes us feel not good enough..
  • insecurity
  • .. because he's not looking or watching them.
  • They feel threatened and insecure that they might be lacking something or failing to give their man something he needs.
  • They're not used to wearing the five inch high heels that the women on the movies are wearing:)
  • Saw this,
  • I am not a woman nor do I claim to be an expert on them but I would imagine one of the biggest problems alot of women would have with their man looking at porn is that it makes them feel as if they are not good enpugh to satisfy their man. This is especially true if the woman feels insecure about her body in any way such as feeling she is fat. Men sometimes don't stop and think about how their partner feels about them getting sexually aroused over images of other women. Maybe if more men made their partners feel secure about their love for them their women wouldn't feel so insecure about them looking at porn.
  • Yeah no kidding! Would they rather their men went out and paid for a hooker, or looked at a dirty picture when they need to have some release?
  • Some women are intimidated that their man is looking at the fact that porno chicks are hot and porno chicks are doing what they are not doing I have no problem with my man watching it sometimes we watch it together.
  • I dunno...I'd sit down beside him on the internet and show him a few of my faves...but that might freak him out
  • i really don't care is my husband wathches it sometimes it gives me a break:) but i think many girls get intimidated by the fact u are seeing someone else naked and that u might think they look better or something like that so maybe try asking your wife/girlfriend to watch it with you???
  • It is ok to use your imagination while having sex BUT to have an actual face that exists drives me nuts! One night I woke up and found him watching that and then expecting to come to my bed.I dont know the reason why but there it is.So how about just respecting that. I dont care if he goes to strip joints. He knows this about me and he still loves me. I was driving his truck once and then two flicks came sliding out from under the front seat. Well I just pulled over to the garbage cans and chucked them out. He never asked for them. I still dont know if he knows if it was me,cause he wont ask! None of his friends wll lend him any movies they have cause they know it will go straight in the garbage if I find it. My husband has a great sense of humour(Thank God)
  • Some people simply don't like or approve of porn. The trick in a relationship is to find a mate that likes porn too.
  • I would guess, insecurity with theirself, I dont seen anything wrong with it.
  • I dunno, I've never understood the big deal. As long as they don;t do it all the time...than It wouldn't bother me.
  • Because if she'd look where she was going instead of my laptop she would of seen that bar bell in the middle of the floor.
  • i don't know. i think my bf would trip if he knew how much i watched porn lol...then again, probably not. haha but i don't see why people get so insecure over it....that person on the tv or computer screen is no threat-i mean, really, what are the odds of him meeting her and sleeping with her?slim to NONE. but i think the biggest thing women worry about is that he's comparing the two of them...and that's not necessarily true. it's just a fantasy. we ALL have them. it's only natural.
  • because even though we allll know we look at other people it break our hearts to know that you can please yourself to another woman. i know its just a movie or picture but we like to think that the pleasing is left up to us, well unless your girl dont please you, in the case watch porn all you want thats her fault!
  • women who are with a man who really loves her, dont trip because she knows he loves her. The problem arises when she is with a man who lets her know that she is not what he wants, and that he wants a woman more like what he sees. If only he could see them off screen, it might be different.
  • Maybe because their skirts are too long or their heels are too high, or maybe they're just clumsy in genral. Or, it could be medical, maybe a sliped disk or clubbed foot. Lots of stuff could cause tripping.
  • My husband and I view porn as a sin. Neither a man or woman should lust after someone other than their spouse. That's how we feel about it. I think it's different for every couple. Some don't see it as an issue and use it for enjoyment, others have disagreements over it. The biggest problems arise when the couple hasn't talked about it before hand.
  • To most women it feels as if your telling us we are not what you want!
  • we watch porn together... Its such a turn on for me, I dont get intimidated or insecure ( ok maybe sometimes) because I know he loves me and thinks I am beautiful. Its all about the lady, we infact go to hustler and buy it together.. :)

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