• All of them were the worst. T_T
  • The worst ever would be the guy I had to get a restraining order on (he didn't handle it very well when I broke up with him). And why was he the worst? Because he was whiny, moody, negative, and bat shit craaazzzyyy....and even worse....he was too damn needy!!! Ay yi yi!!!! SO irritating!!!!
  • I don't have a "worst" boyfriend. Both of my ex's and my current boyfriend are all decent people.
  • His name was cody and he is not on AB! He is the worst because we were engaged and he took me to sonics drive in to tell me that now thought we were different people and then asked if I could find myself a ride home!
  • we go. His name was Brad...probably still is...frankly I don't care. Anyway... He uses me to get out of his moms house so he doesn't have to get a job, shows up expecting me to take him in (I had just moved back in with my mom), gets me kicked out...for GOOD, we're sleeping in my car, I'm STILL going to work, he empties my bank account PLUS an extra $500 bucks, gets me fired from my job, finally goes to work, we get our own place, he starts screwing a girl we work with, spends all of our rent money on a hotel to take her too several times a week, all the while getting me VERY attached to his one year old son, his son's mom even wanted me to be a bride's maid in her wedding...oh, and he beat me too, then bailed out leaving me homeless. Scum! And lord I hope he's not on AB...if he is, I don't think I want to know!
  • That would have been my second one. He was a whiner with a capital "T"! He didn't believe in arguing ever and so I wound up fuming on the inside. He would always ask me or someone else to handle a problem for him, because he didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. He would ask his youngest who was 7 at the time to tell someone that he didn't want to turn down on his own, that he wasn't going to do that job or no, he didn't want to go to their party etc... Oh and no he isn't on AB and even if he was, he wouldn't be able to recognize me.
  • It's not that any of my boyfriends were terrible, but when I look back I couldn't EVEN imagine myself with them now. I don't know what was the matter with me to pick each and every one of them, because I picked them. I'm so happy I didn't end up with one of them.
  • The guy that went from being kind, respectful, and responsible to a drug addict. It was sad really. No, I doubt he is on AB.
  • Right now my mother is in the hospital in VERY critical condition after brain surgery. She was admitted four days ago. My grandmother went into a different hospital two days later after suffering a massive stroke. Both of the hospitals they were transported to for specialty care are over an hour from where we live. I am an only child who never knew my father and was raised equally by these women. This is probably one of the most stressful weeks of my life. In the middle of all this my boyfriend who I have lived with for three years is constantly screaming at and belittling me. When I nearly pass out from exhaustion he sees to it that I do not sleep by throwing "tantrums" and breaking things around the house. Last night he informed me that he thinks it is going to be FUN to see how mean he can get to see how long it will take for me to break. He is not on AB.
  • I met him online (yeah, slap me now). When we did meet in person he always walked 10 feet ahead of me. He always treated me condescendingly and acted like he was God's gift to women. He tried to get me to leave my country and my children behind. When I wouldn't do that, he came here but kept me away from my children. He told me that the love I had for my kids was unnatural and obsessive. Thank God I got rid of him and sent him back across the ocean! No, I doubt he is on AB.
  • The worst and the best are the same guy as I dated only one person and married him. So his bad couldn't have been that bad to still be with him after 35 years:-) And he's not on AB though he reads over my shoulder a lot.
  • My worst boyfriend constantly kept in contact with his ex (that wanted him back and for us to break up) and was on the phone with her at least 2 times whenever we were together. he'd leave me at the mall to go talk to her on the phone if she called, or get up and leave during a movie if she called or texted him. He finally ended up cheating on me with her. I probably should have seen it coming though. And no, he isn't on AB.
  • I dated a guy who was really nice for the first six months of our relationship and then he turned really controlling. I had to cut him loose. I don't know if he's on AB but I don't think he would recognize me anyway.
  • his name was ___________- and he was suich a selfish jerk i doubt he would go on AB as he wouldnt care to see anyone elses problems and concerns
  • Had a boyfriend who was perfect for months. Then he completly changed and he showed his true self. All the things he said he liked about me, when he got comfortable, he wanted to change. He railed on me constantly, wouldn't let me see my friends, stopped taking me out anywhere, and would scream in my face and drag me around. It was terrible. He told me if I broke up with him no one else would love me. He said I was a bad person...Turned out he was the bad person. I was beaten down for awhile but then made a plan to get my independence back and then was gone.
  • I have had the boyfriend from hell. And they are not on AB. So I dated this guy for two years total. After year one, he drove us off of a 20-ft cliff, nearly killing us both. Then up and moves to Hawaii, which obviously put a strain on the relationship because in the meantime he starts lying to me about all sorts of things. He was involved in something sketchy, having to do with trafficking of some sort. Then he "runs out of money," so I spot him the cash to move back here. Once here he decides that he had come back from HI "for" me, and that I didn't really appreciate him enough, so he starts asking me to get a full-time job, move in with him, and drop out of school (my senior year of HS). When I tell him no he starts belittling me, telling me that I don't put out enough, that I don't do enough for him, blah blah. He even told me I was fat (at that point I was actually under-weight). So I broke up with him and he went nuts. There was one time when he came into my house in the middle of the night and stood over me staring at me for an hour. When I finally asked him what was going on he just said "You never understand anything!" and left. Things like that. Then one night one of his friends who had recently become one of my "friends" during this whole episode asked to hang out and I said sure. He drove me up into the mountains and then he tortured me and raped me. My ex was the first person I told, and for a while the only person. I was all cut up inside, honestly had no clue what happened. But when I told him he told me that I was just a slut/whore, that I'd deserved it and should have known better. Then he did to me everything that I'd told him his friend had done, and left. He would come over over and over and just fuck with me. For a little while he went back to Vietnam, where he was from, and I found out later that it was to see his fiance - he was engaged, and I never knew about it. I also found out later that he'd cheated on me with some random sluts at parties when he was out with his friends. Anyway, he moved back to Hawaii, and I haven't heard from him since. That was my evil ex-boyfriend.
  • Oh I dont know. I couldnt have a single conversation with him without his hands all over me. I finally had it when my friend died and I went to him crying and the first thing he did was try to slide his hand up my shirt when he kissed me hello. (smacks head) Why I even put up with him, I dont know.
  • Okay so I fall in love with this boy at the age of 16. ( two years ago). The problem was, I lived with my strict father who would never allow me to see a guy like my boyfriend. BUT i had a not so strict Mother who lived near my ex who would help me out to see him. So for month and months we saw eachother behind my dad's back as i was sooo convinced it was worth it. After a while I left my Dad's house to live with my mum just so i could see him more often. So It went from weekends to everynight. Pretty much spent all my time with him ( even school hours) as we were just so "in love". After a while my mum let me move in with him and things were really good. Except to be able to pay half the rent and bills i had to give up school which he so easily convinced me to do. I worked at a shit job as he just stayed at home living off his trust fund money. Things were great we had so much fun. But He started to show his true colours when he would promise me something then just ditch me for his friends. Since i left my dad's house and the area i had lived in, I had nothing, as dad wasn't speaking to me and I didn't know anybody else around where my boyfriend and i lived. All my friends had gradually moved on from me since i spent all my time with him. Mum isn't much fun so I'd just work and stay home and wait for him to get over being so in love with his mates. Soon i started complaining that he didn't let me go anywhere but he was always choosing his mates over me and would go out all the time without me. HE never cheated on me though. He started sooking that I never let him go anywhere wihtout complaining and thats how the fights started. Anyway when I'd call him to come home at the end of the night, he usually just shrugged it off and sad " it's okay sweeties I'm just hanging with the mates, be home late". Soon his mates thought I was crazy for just wanting him to come home. ( they were all single by the way). Over all he still treated me like a princess so I guess i was still all okay with him. But soon, his fights became agressive and because his brothers and his friends hated me i guess it added to the situation. He started bashing me saying that " It's my fault i make him agressive". Everybody around me ( the few friends i still had) were telling me that he was an absolute drop kick but i still couldn't see it, because at the end of the day he still was an amazing lover. All of a sudden his best mate decided that he was going to take him away from me and started causing shit. Saying that i was saying stuff that i wasn't actually saying. He got mad and as usual he threatened to throw me out. Usually when this happens he calms down after he's thought about it and just says sorry and we're fine for days. But this time he actually threw me out saying I was crazy and he was sick of "MY" shit. So i moved in with a friend not that far up the road ( he was friends with her too ), things are okay but I Still can't talk to my dad, and if i wanted to go back to school i'd have to repeat a year and i'm at the same crappy job. The worst thing is, He got a job the next day and everybody is congratulating him for getting rid of me!. This only all happened last week but since then he has come over all soppy and sorry and i take him back but He tells me that we have to keep it a secret because his friends and brothers will disown him if they find out. He tells me that he loves me and wants the world to know but yet he says he doesn't want anyone to know. So at the moment he'll just text me while he's at work and make me fall into his tricks then the next day he'll tell me that we need to " go with the flow" and not see eachother so much. I'm so confused! I hate him so much yet he can make me feel great with one word and then terrible with the next. I HATE HIM. I HATE HIM. Plus to make things worse, I tell him i miss his company and he just says " I'll see you on the weekend" yeah right, he'll just see me when he wants a root. FUCK HIM. any suggestions? i'm so weak for this terrible love fo my life.
  • I won't say his name but it was his partying that made him the worst. I was young and even after dating for a year I had no idea that his partying was really an addiction issue until the weekend we moved in together. I started planning my exit strategy that weekend and it took me 7 months to get out of it. IF I had to do that over again, I would have put my stuff back on the Uhaul before it left the driveway and while help was there. I could have gone back to my old apartment and seen if it was rented already or put my stuff in storage and stayed with a friend for a week or two until I could have gotten another place. And to my knowledge he is not on AB.
  • okay his name was jb. i dated him from 5th grade to freshmen year of high school. The first 6 monthes were fine. until we got to middle school and i became what he called a "whore". just because i dyed my hair and got boobs her considered me one. when he was a skater. but yet i was always afraid of breaking up with him. 7th grade things got worst. We had almost the same classes exception of gym. we sat by eachother to. I would see him out of school and he would hit me when we got into fights. I always played around in class acting like i was an air head. So when he gave me a black eye people believe that i jsut missed a softball and it hit me in the eye. But on the last day of middle school we were sitting in the gym and he got up and left me to go talk to some girls that were skater. because he didnt like how i dressed because i was to preppy. so for him i dyed my hair black. and kinda wore skinny jeans evry once in a while. and in the middle of freshmen year me and him got into a fight during a party. we were outside while everyone was in side. i slapped him in the face and broke up with him. and he went to punch me but my now boyfriend zach came over and punched him because he is a jock jb hit the floor pretty hard. so that messed up zach and jbs friend ship. but me and zach are happy :)
  • Justin Matthew Lamore . I doubt his broke ass is on AB . He's probably out some where shooting up heroin . He was the worst because he beat me . Stole everything my father and I have that was valuable to pawn for drugs . Shot , sniffed and sold drugs in my home . WORST person I've ever met .
  • hm lets see. started dating in june of 07. out of no where he disappears for a month. didnt think anything of it because we were just dating. appeared back again in August. took my Virginity in October. decided to man up and actually be my bf in November. things were great. until i found out everything he ever got me, and most of the things he owned were stolen. at first i didnt think anything of it bc i thought it was just like food he would steal. like a doughnut or two. but then i realized it was more. anything from a pack of gum to a 500 dollar gun. it was bad. and i stuck by him but would never be with him when he did it. and he wouldnt do it when i was with him so i would think he had changed. he ended up going to visit a friend of mine in tulsa with another friend and they both got caught stealing a hat from Dillards. a 25 dollar hat. how ridiculous. they both had to do 40 hrs of community service, and both had to pay about 700 dollars in fines. and i stuck by him. until he dumped me in June of 08 telling me he just didnt love me anymore. after all i had put up with, after all the court dates i went to. i was devistated for about a month. and then 2 months later he came back around saying that he loved me. he kissed me, and me being the idiot i was gave in. he dumped the girl he was seeing (who claimed she was pregnant with his child) and came back to me. said he loved me, started looking at rings, he was going to marry me, he was gonna enlist in the air force and take me with him, and blah blah blah. all to find out the entire time he was seeing me he would go on "hunting trips" to northern texas but it was to meet up with another girl. he was gone the week of new years, with family he told me. nope it was her and her 2 year old son. mind you she was 18. he came back we "hooked up" and a week later he ended things, telling me the truth about her and telling me he was engaged. that was in January of this year. they got married in April, when they found out she was pregnant. i dont wish bad things but i dont wish him well, and i know he will be divorced within the next 5 years. poor child.
  • The worst boyfriend I've ever had was a lazy, immature, irresponsible Mummy's boy who's one talent in life was playing Final Fantasy for 14 hours straight. I always knew he was a screw up, but it wasn't until I found out he'd made copies of tapes of us having sex for all of his friends to watch that I realised he was a complete and utter prick. I saw him recently. He was fat.
  • The one before this one, seeing as he was kind of rapey and an a misogynist asshole. But maybe he will fall into a pothole and starve. :)

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