• Less-than-truckload. LTL freight is literally less than a full truckload, and can generally be partnered with other freight headed in the same direction. Traditionally LTL freight paid better then truckload freight because of the extra time involved in setting up the load, and in loading and unloading, that is typically not an issue with truckload freight. Usually, LTL freight was not considered "hot," and shippers allowed for a generous delivery time frame due to the extra logistics involved. As the industry has become hyper-competitive, however, and the with the advent of the JIT, or Just-In-Time, concept, LTL rates have dropped to the point where they are no longer quite as lucrative, and in some case, less so per weight and time/hassle involved than regular truckload freight. At the same time, shippers are demanding an ever decreasing time frame for delivery.

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