• no snow 'it does'nt last long in hell'
  • No snow here. It's getting up to about 30 degree's everyday still but it's dropping back to about 10 at night. It's a really lovely time of the year here.
  • I'm in Houston, TX. I moved here last summer, and my friends back home were all complaining about the snowstorms this winter. I miss snow =0
  • It's 21C here in the city but we still have looooots of snow in the mountain. Not for long though.
  • yes, it snowed last night:( we have about maybe 4 inches sucks, all of the track meets are getting canceled:(
  • I live in NC where it usually doesnt snow. It's around 75-80 here.
  • 50 degrees with a cup of coffee in hand
  • About a mile down the road there is still somem snow but it's melting fast. Our pond is finally open and no more ice since just on monday. They say we might get a little snow on Sunday but I don't think it will be the stick around kind. Looks like soring to me. All the birds and critters sure think so:-)
  • I live in the mountains in the state of Maine. I still have snowbanks (in my yard) that are over 4 feet. It is really melting fast though. We had rain last night and now there are patches of ground showing all over. Yippeeeee, come on spring.
  • We have not had snow for two years.
  • Had snow last week, but none on the ground thankfully. I hope there won't be any more snow in the near future.
  • We like had a record this year. I swear this was insane. The snow was higher then my balcony. I'm on a first floor, but still. Walking on the sidewalks, you have these walls of snow around you, and it makes it seem like some kind of labyrinth. I would have had to take pictures. Pretty much all melted now though.
  • snow .... nope no snow here lol!

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