• hes trying to justify it, i sure as hell dont want one
  • Disagree. It's a badge you wear which shows you no longer care about your body, drink too much beer, and/or refuse to get enough exercise for your calorie intake. None of those have ANYTHING to do with being over 30, and none of those are things to be proud of.
  • I'd say he's in blissful denial.
  • It depends on what kind of crowds you guys hang out with.
  • Your friend is nuts. It is more a right of passage to an Early grave from a heart attack. New studies have shown that people with more stomach fat are at a higher risk for a coronary episode.
  • Yeah right. Do you believe him?
  • Well, let me put it this son and his friends are in their early 40's..they are all very no time did I ever hear anything about this "rite of passage", either explicity or implicitly! The only "rite of passage" they ever went through as teenagers was eating at the Original Tommy's in the San Fernando Valley every chance they got..that's it..I think what your friend meant to say is he couldn't think of anything that sounded logical so he picked "rite of passage"..most people wouldn't question it.. they would just nod as if what he said made sense! :(
  • He's asking for back problems and an early death.
  • Disagree! "So your wife needs a rolling pin to find your d*ck at night, how is that something to be proud of?"
  • I am 31 and have a pot myself. I I Quit smoking and gained about 30 lbs. in the last 6 mon. I hate it and I am working it off ASAP!
  • I never got one until I had stomach surgery and it didn't heal right (open incision that had to heal from the bottom up). I'm hoping the incision will heal closed and take the pot with it. And, I am about double that age! No, it is not a "rite of passage" and is something to be disapeared or made smaller by less beer and fatty foods and lots of exercise.
  • It's an excuse he makes because he is lazy and doesn't care about his health, which is clear in the fact that he drinks enough beer to get a potbelly and doesn't work out or eat right which adds to the problem. He's just full of crap, he says this to make himself feel better about being lazy and drinking too much.
  • I disagree. I am be over 40 and not thin in any sense of the word, but I do not have a beer belly. I have been active, thanks to playing sports most of my life, and I think this has helped me prevent a beer belly.
  • I disagree, quite frankly he sounds a bit of a slob who needs his backside kicked.
  • Sweety it sounds like your friend is making excuses for his lack of willingness to do a few crunches. I know quite a few men who can drink a hell of a lot of beer and are over the age of thirty and have a six pack (not beer six pack)...LOL ;)
  • Tell him to ask his Heart in 20 years time when it is ready to pack in..It's a "rite of passage" to serious medical conditions. :o)
  • "Love handles" are cute. Pot bellies are nothing to be proud of!
  • Is he a redneck? Sounds like a "redneck 'rite of passage'" for many, but not all of them. Tell him his "badge" will be EXTREMELY difficult to get rid of later on in life. He should do it, and learn to be healthier NOW. (Later, too, his skin will have been stretched for so long, when/if he DOES lose weight, it will NOT "bounce back" like it will now.)
  • tell your friend that's disgusting and to invest in a treadmill.
  • If he really believes that and wants one, who are you to tell him differently? NOBODY who tried to dissuade me from something I saw as a thing to be proud of would be allowed to call himself MY friend.
  • i dissagree, having a tire around your middle(what your friend call pot belly or beer belly) is very unhealthy. the more of a tire around your middle the higher the risk of developing or getting a stroke or a heart attack. I hope your friend will start to excersize and eat healthy, too. also it is unatractive.
  • I would not qualify this as "rite of passage". I think it is just a normal part of growth as an adult. Almost everyone in their 30s gets some more fat and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to be proud of either. However, everyone should also watch their BMI (Body Mass Index) to make sure that they stay in an acceptable range. If they don't, they could face growing health problems.
  • I am pleased to say I never wore that badge. Perhaps it is a badge of stupidity or laziness. Not a charming thought anyway!!!
  • Everyone's has the right to their own form of birth control.
  • It's only a rite of passage if you're looking for a good excuse to have one. There's no need to have a beer-gut at any age if you take care of yourself.

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