• Depending on if they look hot or if they are playing their character well, I really like those character that knows what they are doing (smart).
  • I always liked the tough guy...the Robert De Niro or tough guy with a know Sawyer from Lost??? HIM!
  • I like the bad guy, you know the one everyone is afraid of. He eventually dies in the end but it was fun while it lasted.
  • I like the ones that are a bit though and very manly. As for women I like the ones like the group of women in Steel Magnolias. Regards.
  • I don't have a specific character in mind. I mostly look forward to watching an interesting one, be it a good guy/girl, an underdog, even villains sometimes are the most interesting characters.
  • I'm always attracted to underdogs and lovable losers in movies and plays. Not sure if it's just because I relate to them better, or because I feel sorry for them. Some examples: Willy Loman Elliot Sherman in "The Baxter" Lefty from Donnie Brasco et cetera
  • I always like funny guys. Tom Hanks is awesome!
  • Jeff Goldblum in Big Chill or Kevin Spacey in K -Pax, the crazy off beat sarcastic types. :)
  • tought guys with a soft heart kinda like me:)
  • purple dinasaurs?
  • action, action, and more action ....scantily clad dancin' hot chicks and more action
  • I have the biggest crush on Uma Thurman, she is the best, I admire how well she has looked after herself, I like Gweneth Paltrow as well she was really good in the movie Proof, she was also good in the movie Perfect Murder. and I was also interested in the dynamics of Scully from the X files. I really like Meryl sTreep for he role in the Deer hunter she played that role so well that it catipulted her into superstardom. And Iam not attracted to men but I thought that Antoney Hopkins was great in the second installment of Hanibal, the grace and elegance of this witty killer was some thing to see. Oh without doubt Clint Eastwood
  • I like the utterly despicable villain with an air of grandeur and apparent lack of any emotion and is all cruelty, but who in their hearts are like the biggest softies and do the things they do because of some messed up past, kind of like Woundwart in Watership Down or Dracula. Ha ha I felt so sorry for him. I also love those feeble characters who just can't take care of themselves and never seem to help aside from getting saved and otherwise being useless, but whom everyone seems attracted to anyway.
  • The ones who are really clever and witty, but not perfect. Like Charlize Theron's character in the Italian Job. Or Catherine Zeta Jones' character in the second Ocean's movie. Also, I kinda like the ditzy ones as well.
  • WILSON!!!LOL Totally!
  • the sexy tall dark bad boys with dimples
  • just watched hitman and the lead charecter in that would be my perfect man.deviod of all emotion except if you touch his heart then would do anything for you.
  • Calm and tough like Hillary Swank's character in Million Dollar Baby(2004)/-
  • I prefer the good guys...the ones who win in the end.
  • Tough motherfuckers. Sarah Conner type.
  • big strong guys who can protect me against anybody.
  • Cool, Relax & Tough - such as Clint Eastwood in all his movies & Arnold in Terminator Trilogy.
  • the mysterious poetic missunderstood loner characters

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