• First of all depending on the size of your turtle, it may be to young to tell yet. Most baby red eared sliders look the same until the start maturing But here are some of the differences between a male and female red eared slider. The mature male red eared slider has a darker red streak on his face; the females tend to look more orangey or dull. The male has a fatter and longer tail. The male also has longer claws on the front legs, very large nails. Here is a good URL on it.
  • first thing you have to do is duke it up the butt and make it horny!!!!!
  • duke it up the butt and then if its a girl it will open its mouth and screem and if it's a boy then it will roar like ARRRRRRRRRRRH!!!!!!
  • ask a vet to look at it, they probably know

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