• Some people say my husband looks like Jesus LOL. He's got long hair and a beard, go figure.
  • I knew two guys in high school who looked like Robert Downey, Junior.
  • My partner gets told he looks like The Rock all. the. time. Personally, I don't see it.
  • My friend looks like Jordin Sparks and Cassie
  • My dad looks (and acts)like R.Lee Ermey.
  • No but Jason meyes looks like he could be the love child of me and my friend patrick.
  • I met someone who looked like Jackie Chan once.
  • lol sure i was told i am what brad pitt would look like bald
  • I would swear Willie Nelson works in a small town south Texas bar LOL...
  • I had a friend in college who looked so much like "Michelle Pfeiffer" that it was almost freakish. Her name is "Rachel," but I nicknamed her Michelle just to poke fun at her. She told me once that she was in a store and this woman started screaming and freaking out because she actually thought she was Michelle Pfeiffer and even asked her for her autograph. She said she told the lady that she wasn't who the lady thought she was, and the lady actually started to get mad because she actually thought she was lying to her and just didn't want to give her an autograph! The lady took a step back and finally realized she wasn't Michelle Pfeiffer and apologized to her. She told me that that actually wasn't the first time that had happened either. Believe me, if there is anyone I have seen who looks exactly like a celebrity, it's definitely my friend Rachel!
  • I met a guy once who looked like a little Ryan Seacrest
  • never had.. i just saw some that looks like a famous person but never had the chance to talk to them.
  • met someone who looked exactly like steven seagall(sp?) when i told him he actually started laughing and started doing all kinds of karate kicks
  • I saw in a bar a young woman who looked 100% like Mary Chapin Carpenter. I bet she was trying very hard to look like her because her hairstyle was identical to the one on her last CD cover.
  • How about these guys?

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