• No most teachers do not have what it takes to make those kind of decisions.
  • Absolutely not. No way.
  • Simply put, yes. With my generation as unruly as it is i think it would be a very good idea! A whole clamp down on us is needed (not me though, im one of the good, umm, better ones :P)
  • I grew up with it. If I had been beaten at school, I could count on another when I came home. We had a strong family and sense of right and wrong. Nowadays I don't feel a teacher should, because of the potential for abuse. Maybe we were just simpler back then.... or is the pendulum of mercy and justice about to swing back in favor of it?
  • No, teachers are educators not police or correctional officers.
  • There should be a designated corporal punishment corporal. Individual teachers may get carried away.
  • nope...
  • I think a teacher should be allowed to physically intervene on behalf of any student who's being physically harassed or worse to a reasonable extent. I don't think a teacher should be allowed to administer corporal punishment to a student for a non-violent offense such as being late or taking an unannounced bathroom break.
  • Although I realize that most schooling systems are training wheels for life later in society and work, they are supposed to educate you, and punishing someone with learning disabilities or who's having problems is not going to help whatever learning impediment may occur with a student. It's a primitive method, one where instilling fear will cause more rebellion, one where reason and explanations should be the method instead, for otherwise problematic students. Sure, we should have some form of punishment, but physical violence solves nothing, especially not in relation to the complex elements that are actually present in the subject of learning and discipline. This only raises closed minded Nazis in the end.
  • Only if their teaching me!!
  • no way! no one has the right to administer corporal punishment to someone else's child in school.
  • Neither teachers nor principals should be allowed to give spankings to kids. If it is to ever be done, which I have said before it should NEVER be done, it should be done by the (abusive) parents of the child.
  • No. Thats the parents job, and the parents job only.
  • Nobody's whopping my kids except me!
  • No as this will open to abuse and misunderstanding.
  • I got my share as a youngster.
  • No freekin way. My attitude is limited to "Touch my kid, I break your face" :)
  • not in the classroom but still in schools. Actually schools wouldn't need to if some parents (don't worry not all) actually took their children's discipline into their own hands instead of thinking there isn't a problem when there is!!
  • Maybe I wouldn't be failing in school if they were allowed to do this.
  • Never touch my kid...Call me up and I'll gladly do it for them, I took care of all punishment when my kids were in school. They usually were just really scared because they knew Id be so upset. One fat slob teacher actually duct taped my son's mouth shut and took a picture of it...He brought it home and we were up there by 3:15, she never, ever did that again or anything else to the kids, she should never been a teacher, but, her husband was the Principal of the High School. She couldn't teach so they wouldn't listen. A good teacher has control of the room, without threats.
  • If you say yes you should watch Dr Phil when he had this issue on last week. The boy was beaten. He had bruises and everything. I think that it is wrong on so many different levels and that there is no place for it in the school system. A child is supposed to go to school to learn not get beaten, punishment should not involve hitting your child to the point that they have bruises on their butts (through clothes). They should feel safe in school and learn to deal with problems in a positive way not by scaring them by beating them. This mother was told her child would not be hurt, obviously this didn't happen.
  • No way!! If teachers would just start teaching our children maybe they would learn. Instead they just want to tell our children what they can and cannot do. It is the parents job to discipline the child, not the school departments. Go ahead, touch my kid. You will most certainly find me in your face. Big Time!!
  • and why is this question being asked? Because the behavior of most of our children are unbelievable these days. People will's the parents responsibility..........when both are in the workplace or parents who themselves have no buisness being parents. I say...give the family the chance to handle their kids and if they aren't succeeding.........leave it to the proper authorities...
  • Should society at large give up the notion that discipline is necessary or should we simply step back and let anarchy reign? Because I am prepared to take it either way you want to go. If your little $hit kid does not learn from YOU, and YOU tie the teacher's hands so the rude dumb bastard does not learn from them, you had better at least warn your kid not to #uck with ME. At least when we practiced corporal punishment in schools we had the idea that there could be consequences for wrong actions, now we have a whole generation of children and young adults who are base, rude, ignorant, stupid, dangerously glib, and likely crippled or dead when at long last they try to run over an old fashioned guy like me.

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