• Because they are drunk.
  • pickled judgement
  • Alcohol impairs judgment. What drunks perceive as wit and charm is usually just boorish and obnoxious. Unfortunately, it's the sober people who end up being subjected to their "charms."
  • I grew up with this and still see it with my brother and all his alcoholic friends. Drink gives people delusions, it suppresses inhibitions and allows the person to become boorish and a pain in the backside. I was once told by a person drinking that the more they drank the better looking all the guys got, I presume the same thing happens in reverse. It seems to suppress some emotions and heighten others, You can never tell if a person is just a drunken boor or a dangerous aggressive drunk until the moment of truth and the switch is tripped.
  • I don't know. It's like the cliche lampshade on the head partier.
  • Because drunk people.. are stupid people.
  • Most people forget that alcohol is in fact a psychoactive. It acts on your psyche. You have to expect changes in perception and judgment from people under the influence.
  • Alcohol has it's place. When it becomes a habit and takes control it isn't in it's place. What we see depends on that person's inner being.
  • It's like the Mr Hide/Dr Jeckel thing! One can't see what the other is doing. For some it makes them feel powerful, and gives them false courage. So they act out what's been kept deep inside, and because they feel impowered, they like this feeling and that's why they think they are so witty. If only they knew how small they become, when they feel like the big cheese!!!!!!
  • I've been asking myself this very question for thirty years and still can't find an answer! A question "for the ages", no? ;-)
  • I think it's because they are too drunk to realize how truly stupid they are. My father was like that.
  • It's gotta be the beer goggles. I know a certain someone who thinks he's beyond charming and actually irresistible when drunk. I don't get it at all.
  • Because he is intoxicated and he does not really see how he or she is behaving. Alcohol does strange things to the brain. Some act silly, stupid, mean, violent, etc... It is all depended on the persons personality to begin with prior to their drinking. The deep subconscious is affected and whatever is deeply rooted in the mind comes out when under the influence of alcohol.
  • I'm HOT when I'm drunk. I even look good flexing in the mirror with pink spandex shorts on. My question is: Why doesn't everyone ELSE think I'm hot when I'm drunk too?.
  • Maybe because everyone can and may have a different view of things?????LOL.....I had a OLD SCHOOL FRIEND of mine who was always drunk. He about 20 years ago backed off of it, quite cold turkey. And has not been drunk since. But here the other night. He & I came across some old films we had made back in those crazy days.....We could not stop LOL.....It was so fun to watch some of the things he or I or none of the rest of the Guys & Gals would do today.......M.C.S.......By the way Jodie44 when you get time. Check out my answer box. The topic was about the meaning of LIFE........Enjoy..........M.C.S.
  • You think that's bad, try talking to 2 people on Extasy. They are pretty friggin worthless.
  • cause theyre in denial and dont want to admit theyre drunk

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