• cereal
  • A banana is mild, filling, good to quiet jumpy limbs and easy to digest so it won't keep you awake.
  • Toast and orange juice is what I usually have.
  • I always eat fruit in the evenings. naturally sweet and does not make you feel bloated when your ready to go to bed.
  • i allmost eat any ting i like but am not a healty person so dont wary about wat i sad,my mom often sujest appel and fruts (they dont rely harm u at all),and she say thet brid is not very good 2 eat at night thet is..btw am prety sure she know about thus tings 4 she like healty food :). I hop thet was hilpfull plz comint and rat so i know :)
  • cheese - results in a guaranteed adrenalin rush once the mind has travelled to dream land. Here the rides vary in scariness but cheese is you one way ticket to the darker side of the virtual theme park. Good luck :)

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