• W**K*R, sorry that is all i can muster, and im not even American
  • Oh sure, lets just blame everything on Bush that happens in the next fifty years or so.
  • It's frustrating ! Thank you President Bush, for your stellar economic polices !
  • Thank you, great leader George W. Bush -- Thank you for showing everyone what a danger you represent.
  • Yay! Isn't that great? What amazes me is how often he says the economy is strong and we're not in a recession. Just look at how gas has what, tripled? since he's been in office? And the high cost of gas is having a domino effect on the cost of food/merchandise. Not to mention Iraq.... Oh well, he'll be gone in January...not soon enough! Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, Georgie!
  • Thank you, God.
  • No. I am unable to do that.
  • I can thank not only the great wise one, but also every single one of the morons who voted for this idiot. Funny how our economy has gone to hell, we're in a constant fear of attack, a consistent state of "war", inflation is going through the roof, foreclosures are at a record high, etc, etc, etc. Yeah, this idea of "less" government sure is expensive as hell. Ouch... Oh yeah, thanks for the patriot act too asshole.
  • Some day people will understand the President really has nothing to do with job loss. So if there was someone to blame it on it should be directed at Congress. That said the current sitting congress are the Democrats who are for strict regulation and high taxes that's a sure way to run business off to off shore.

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