• Oh they don;t think they can get away with anything but they do feel they can pay their way out of any situation and often do.
  • Illusion of grandeur. They get so blinded by the spotlight to a point that they forget that they are human like everyone else.
  • Well, if you had people begging you for your name written on a piece of paper, following you around everywhere, practically worshipping the air you breathe and making multimillions for it, a little bit would go to your head, wouldn't it? I think it would be pretty difficult to stay grounded in reality.
  • It's called the OJ Simpson syndrome. If he can get away with murdering two people, Naomi can probably get away with smacking a police officer about!
  • Because money goes to their brain and blocks the things that used to help them think. lol And money helps you get out of almost anything. So, having money, gives them a false sense of superiority. Lame. But true. Chow.
  • Probably because they getaway with a lot.
  • Most likely because they are famous and have money and they think they can buy the law
  • I just read that on Yahoo news..apparently, she spit on an officer. Seems Ms. Campbell has a lot of anger issues...this isn't the 1st time she's been in trouble. I wish I knew why some of these people think they can get away with such assinine behavior. Do celebrities think they are better than everyone else? Or did they behave that way before they were famous?
  • They think they are above the law and money can buy them anything.
  • either they don't know much about strict laws or maybe they do it when they are out of news.
  • Why do celebs think that they can get away with anything? Usually because they do.
  • I think it because generally, the entire world is kissing their arse day in and day out. Naomi Campbell reminds me of my brother. 1) Both Born in 1970 2) Both raised by a decent Christian parent and they themselves engage in harmful behavior, demonstrate ungracious character traits. Cannot find a partner suitable for them because they are so self centered.
  • Not Naomi, I dont believe it. It must be media hype. You write suspicion. The readers will automatically think she did it. If one just touches a cop these days, it is called assault. Just put your hand on their arm, and they call it assault. Its the cop who should be charged with filing a false report just so he/she can get on the late late show and smile for the camera.

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