• Tell one of ur friends to tell him that.
  • Don't consider it confrontation. TALK to your boyfriend about it. Tell him how it makes you feel when he talks about you like that. If he has any consideration for you at all, he will put a stop to it. If not, you need a new boyfriend. ;-)
  • I would recommend kicking him to the curb. He obviously does not respect you if he is joking like this.
  • Usually I suggest two people sit down and talk about their problems, but if your boyfriend called you a whore one time, it's a sign you shouldn't be with him. Respect yourself; he obviously doesn't.
  • Suggest a threesome... Hey if you are such a whore it's a good idea. That will shut him up. (I don't think you are a whore by the way)
  • Before I worried about telling my boyfriend anything, I'd worry about why I was willing to settle for someone who treated me like that. Solve the self esteem problem and you won't have any trouble standing up for yourself.
  • Tell him what you just told us. "I don't like being confrontational, but this joking around at my expense is getting annoying. A real b/f wouldn't do that, or let anyone else do it."
  • Tell him. If it's bothering you (which it should!) then you should tell him. If he argues back, he has a problem and you need to dump him. If he doesn't argue back, apologizes, and never does it again, then it was never a confrontation at all!
  • G'day Hockeygurly. Thank you for your question. I would talk to him once. The next time I would kick him out or leave. You deserve a better boyfriend than that. Regards
  • "I am really upset about the way you and your brother talk about me. I need you to stop it, as I feel so disrespected and uncomfortable" This is an example of an "I" message. It is a non-aggressive confrontation. You have to learn how to be more self-respecting woman would ever put up with this. What makes you think this b/f is good enough for you? This behaviour is a long way from loving.
  • Well, if you're not comfortable enough to tell him that you feel like he's disrespecting you, then I don't really think the two of you should even be with each other. That's my opinion, though.
  • HOLD THE PHONE, i think the fact that you don't like confrontation is the least of your worries. First off you are dating someone who calls you a whore and allows others to do the same. It seems like you need to work our your self esteem and self worth. If you don't feel worthy enough to be respected then people won't either and that is a HUGE problem for you. Dont let him call you a whore.
  • Any boyfriend who truly cared for you would not allow others to talk this way nor would they ever talk this way to you themself. Where is the joke in demeaning a woman? Sorry, but it sounds like you have a punk. It takes a punk to find it acceptable to degrade a woman. He can call it a joke all he wants but this is not the type of man I would choose to be with.. as a matter of fact I would leave him a few teeth short than when we met. It takes a real man to show respect to women.. even if they do not find a woman very likeable.. a real man shows himself respect and keeps his mouth closed instead of insulting a woman. Let him know he also represents himself with this trash talk since he is your "boyfriend" and you are who he has chosen to be with. Makes me mad as fire to read that question. No woman should be joked about like that. It is not funny.
  • Why bother with a confrontation? Anyone who would allow ANYONE to say things like that about, then add insult to injury by joining in does not deserve the consideration of a confrontation. I would simply drop his ass like a hot rock and let him try and figure out why. What a jerk!
  • He obviously have no respect for you, why would you even bother with him? just set higher standars next time and find a better guy...
  • Just dump him. His behaviour is unacceptable. If you don't like confrontations, just change your phone number.
  • Sometimes people say things once and then they dont realize how upsetting it is and then they dont stop.And if he is doing this with his brother it is probably rough play for them.They may not even realize how rude or upsetting they are being.Talk privately with your boyfriend and say please done call me that.Then see what happens. My husband(before we were married)stuck up for me to his brother and I knew right away that he was the guy for me.It is quite a feeling to have someone stand up for you.I hope you get to feel that!
  • your b.f should repect infront of his brother... i know how it feels to treat you like this... i think you have to be strong and have some high selfesteem and tell him how it makes you feel... if you don't like this idea... text him and tell him how mad you are... he will try to call you or send you back, if he call you back tell him and show him how you feel... if he didn't care about your feelings then leave your better off without him....
  • look dear i ll be quite honest here, I m a man and I love my galfriend, so i always keep in mind not to hurt her feelings as much as possible... and so if he loves you too he shouldn't use such obscene words for you and he uses it so it just mean that your just a "thing" for time-pass to him and thats why he s treating you like this and showing off his brother that he completely rules you.... don't let anyone treat you like this dear, it will lower your self-esteem. Its better to be alone than sharing a relationship like this... its not about confrontation but about you, I would say please leave him and you will find the person who loves you and will treat you like one... don't do this to yourself, if he comes in front of me , i ll sure beat him up
  • Write him a letter stating that you don't appreciate being called names, it hurts your feelings and you want it to stop. You have to demand respect sometimes.
  • well if you want it to stop you might have to confront one of them. i suggest that you talk to your boyfriend about it and he'll tell his bro. but your gonna have to confront someone or else it'll keep going.
  • You don't. Be like a person who is not confrontational and leave. Get some self-esteem. Since I am a ho, its time for me to move on to the next trick! If he is physically abusive don't say nothing, just leave, and don't look back.
  • your gonna have to pull your self together and confront him , even thought u hate confrontation !!

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