• Why would anyone down rate this question? :::eye roll::: I billion people can't exist on earth without having an impact so yes, I agree.
  • I agree ... they are a fast growing religion too, and just recently passed Catholics ... there are now more Muslims than Catholics on Earth ...
  • I don't believe religion is ever a vital part of anything besides for cruelty and backwards thinking. But thats just me.
  • No more than Christianity, Buddhism, or any other religion. But don't blame religion. Blame corruptions. I assert that the American Governments are a vital part of the fabric of our world. Unfortunately.
  • I think almost everyone is a vital part of the fabric of our world, apart from serious criminals and terrorists.
  • It would be a very different world without them, to be sure. You might say that it wouldn't really be our world anymore.
  • The fact that Muslims are human beings makes each of them a vital thread in the fabric of the world. It is our humanness rather than our religious persuasion that is vital.

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