• Star Wars thinking, my friend? ;) Of course a war fought in cyberspace is not really that impossible. But right now, we can't even send a mission to Mars, for example: "Dangerous levels of radiation in space could bar astronauts from a mission to Mars and limit prolonged activity on the moon, experts now caution." In our lifetime, I guess traditional warfare would still be the name of the game.
  • I do think the traditional battlefield is going to become obsolete but it will be because of weapons of mass destruction. We are creating weapons everyday that are not only more lethal to an individual but large groups. cluster bombs and other devices are used now not just to knock out a truck or two and 10 people. Now they can knock out a whole platoon. The next step is going to be worse.
  • Some battles will be fought in cyberspace. But generally, warring sides attack they other where they think the other is weak. So a nation that tried to fight a cyberspace-only war would be physically attacked, and a nation that ignored the possibilities of cyber-war would be cyber attacks. New technology creates new battlefields, but the old battlefields carry on. Originally, all battles were fought on land, or on ships acting as mobile bits of land. But them cannon made ship-to-ship fighting possible, and we had navies ever since. Then aircraft made air war possible, and we have had airforces ever since. Now the Internet has made cyber-wars possible, and that will persist for ever.
  • Gosh I hope not...that means our power grid will be sabotaged..banking systems destroyed..air control shot to he**! :(
  • No, the next one is in your yard...or your shopping centre... or the closest school or hospital. That is where terrorism hits, and where it hurts most.
  • humans will stop inhabiting earth in the near future (next few hundred years)... floating base stations will begin to form that are completely self sufficient... these base stations will then travel in different directions in space and develop into different sub species of human... when these factions meet in space war will occur between the differently evolved groups, and photon lasers will be used heavily as an offensive mechanism... i could go on but i dont want to scare you... what i am saying is cyberspace is the least of our worries... we need to be worried about humans from the past that have evolved floating back near earth and attacking us with their photon lasers....
  • if we want to occupy an on roots is the only way to finish a job. most of todays warfare is already cyberwar. missiles from thousands of miles away, rockets from planes hundreds of miles away. artillery and tanks from 10`s of miles away.its not until soldiers on the ground have to occupy cities in enemy territory that we get massive losses, currently. if we sat back, and surrounded all the major cities in iraq and let them solve their own infighting..we wouldnt have lost a hundred soldiers...but there would be 5 million dead iraqis,men, women, and children. the next major war , will be with china, maybe even russia as one of there allies. it will be over oil and the middle east. it will be wwIII. i dont think that cyberwar will save the day...250 million vs 10 million will get ugly. its possible that we will go to cyberwar against iran...but we will never even consider going in with ground troups...we will let them kill themselves after we destroy their govt hiearchy
  • what would be the point of a battle in cyberspace.
  • The next battlefield will be fought in cyberspace, so a partial yes. The Air Force is already ramping up its Cyber Command (though in recent months has been told to stand by for further word prior to opening up shop). Ref: However, nothing beats lead in the sky and boots on the ground, so traditional military battle will stick around for quite some time (until unmanned air/land vehicles completely replace human soldiers). The sky is truly the limit.
  • No, the tomarrow's battlefield will look similar to today's which are being fought on yesterday's soil. No, cyberspace will just become an extention of the battlefield much like airspace did. BTW, what do you mean the next battlefield? Since 2000, China has staged cyber-attacks on many government, corporate, and military databases.
  • Hell, I'm 71 and hate to even think about it! I'll be dead and gone before any greater high-tech conflict happens. Actually, I'm hoping that if there HAS to be war, eventually it'll be fought between armies of robots...and let 'em go at it all they want. I hope our robots are bigger, scarier and badder than their's are, that's for sure! Anyway, our kids of today are too busy fighting the Wii Wars and text messaging to bother goin' off to a damn real war! Kewl. :-) +5
  • Some would say that we are well on our way to a complete Revolution in Military Affairs and that the traditional military battlefield is obsolete already. I disagree. Others say it is soon to be obsolete. I disagree. I think that although conventional warfare and the traditional military battlefield is definitely on the decline (it is something which we haven't really seen since WW2) it is not obsolete. It is still a feature, but we in the West are relying increasingly on IT and Communications and air power to fight our battles. That was especially believed after the first Gulf War. As Afghanistan has now shown though, there is no subsitute for ground forces, heavy armour and weapons. As we become more technologically advanced it may be in our interest to fight either high-intensity wars, or wars in cyberspace. This is not true of many possible opponents who want to fight on their terms, not ours... they will push us into low intensity warfare which still will include battlefield conflict and the aspects of the traditional military battlefield with which we are familiar. Sure, we may not need the quantity of tanks anymore, and conventional warfare is on the way out, but it is unlikely to become obsolete.. as is the traditional battlefield. The West can't help but think in traditional terms either. The day we stop preparing for a traditional military battle is the day we are all screwed. Attention and focus must shift to take advantage of cyberspace that is all. Plus, we need to include other non-Western societies - the military battlefield is certainly nowhere near obsolete for them.
  • traditional battlefields have not existed since WWII, so yes, they are obsolete. and in many ways cyberspace is already a battlefield, with totalitarian countries like iran and china restricting their citizens access to some sites. interesting thought.... btw, my condolences Zack, i know dreanna cared for you....
  • No.. war is killing people with weapons,why do people think war is trading or some other lame thing.

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