• It's legal to download non copyrighted works. If it's copyrighted (as it most likely is) than of course it's illegal.
  • torrenting it self i think is legal, its the fact that 99.9999999% of the material is protected and there for illegal to transfer it
  • they said that? what company are you having the contract with? One thing to keep in mind, piracy is should have known that from the start.
  • Torrenting in and of itself is legal. Many of the torrents out there are copyrighted though, and thus illegal. Even if all of your torrents ARE legal files, the ISP has no real way to know that so must assume that they are not. Also, using up a LOT of bandwidth (as heavy P2P use tends to do) may be in violation of your ISP service contract. I am not allowed to run a (commercial) server on mine due to the upload restrictions on my service.

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