• You generally don't "rip" software. "Ripping" refers to extracting/converting music/movie related CDs' or DVDs'. Assuming the software doesn't utilize some form of copy protection, you can utilize any CD/DVD authoring software e.g. Nero (Commercial) or InfraRecorder (Open Source) to make an image of the original CD/DVD and then "burn" that image to another CD/DVD
  • ok dude take it from a professional on this "ripping" has many flaws and is almost always anticipated by manufactures. if you "rip" a windows install disc it will run but never accept a key or finish the instilation. you only bet it to copy to ".iso file" and there are many programs available. my favorite is one that will add itself to your right click menu and to make the image ".iso is an image file" you just right click the CD drive and select "creat .iso" this is essentially a picture of the disc and bypasses nearly any security or anti-theft system on the disc. i also am not fond of windows for this in general. i stick strictly to the operating system "ubuntu" for stuff like that. look into it, it's free.

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