• Believe me, it is easier being selfless when you are younger than older. I wish I'd have had mine sooner, as even in my thirties I was much crabbier than I was in my 20s. Now, in my 50s, I am looking forward to being a naaassssty old lady. :-)
  • I wasn't prepared for my first child, but my whole life changed for the best after he was born. I went from being rebellious and irresponsible to being the kind of mother that would deserve to have such a perfect, wonderful son.
  • Mother hood was a dream come true foe me. That & being married were the only things I wanted in life & I got them both
  • I was eager to become a parent. That is the reason, perhaps, that I was not as happy as I thought I would be once it happened. My expectations were not realistic. Parenthood was not what I'd hoped it would be but I can't say I'm sorry it happened because they brought me a lot of love.
  • I definitely wasn't ready for the first considering I was a teen mom. Eight years later I had another and wondered if I really wanted to start over again. Less then a year after him I got pregnant again and wondered how on earth I was going to care for two babies only a little over a year from the other. It all just seems to work out though and you learn as they grow. So worrying is common, I hope.
  • You are never ready for kids. I never have had patience for anything. I wanted to wait until I got more patience before having children. After my daughter was born, I realized that my patience grew as the child grew. It was the only thing that grew my patience the way it needed to be grown. I hope this helps.
  • I was as apprehensive as one could be, but the moment I held my first born my entire perspective changed. It's a very natural and wonderful thing.
  • You can never know all the joys and demands that parenthood brings, and it never ends even when your children are grown. Neither can you completely prepare for all that raising children will require of you. Every child is so different and unique. Was I ready for children? Well, I got married July 1984 at age 20, had my first child in June 1985, then #2 in July 1986, and #3 in November 1988. My husband and I had discussed that we would have children, but I don't think either one of us thought we would start our family so soon. I guess God had other plans. Now, looking back, I would not have changed a thing and am so glad that they are so close in age.
  • I wish that I had kids when I was much older than I was. But, being in love, wanting his children, just drove me over the edge.
  • oh hell no! but she was the brightest light of my life. never ending work, worry, needy, and with one big smile, and "i love you mommy" i was happy for the first time in my life. if its just you-make sure your finances are ready. i say do it before you cant.
  • God should have made us have grandchildren first before children. Then we would be wise and know how to bring up children. We had our children when I was 25 and my dear wife was 21. We should have waited--at least until 30 or so for me, and 25 or 26 for her. But even then, we weren't smart enough, didn;t think about our responsibilities. I am just about now getting to the stage where I might be a good parent. But then, I am far, far too old. So figure...
  • Age doesn't matter. Be fruitful and multiply. Read your Bible!
  • No I think it's a continuous learning process, you're never completely ready.
  • I was 20 when my son was born. Hell no I wasnt ready. But you learn, and the selflessness (is that even a word?) comes. It kind of has to. Be fruitful and multiply? Nah. Have one, if you really want one, and if you like how that makes you fell have another. If not....keep doing what you're doing. I was stupid and unprotected...but it was the best thing I've ever done.
  • I was not ready or prepared for motherhood. I didn't have a shining example to learn from so I just did everything the opposite of what she did. No sense in putting if off though...we are never ready for what lies ahead. It's all trial and error....but the best job you'll ever have and there are those like my younger sister who never had or wanted children. I applaud her and others like her. She loves her life and the freedom to just walk out her door with no worries. She has our children to dote on when she gets in her mothering mode.
  • Well, I was 14 when I got pregnant. Obviously I wasn't ready for kids lol. I was very scared but excited all at the same time. The father told me to get rid of it and my dad hated me. But now I'm 18 and I see that it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because if I hadn't gotten pregnant, my parents wouldnt have let me get married at 16. I am 18 with two kids and they are my world.

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