• a Steamy shower or Bath does help! Also; Boil some water and get a small container and put a clove of Chopped Garlic, when the water Boils POUR a 1/4 cup over the Garlic and let Steep for 30 seconds THEN ADD 1 tablspoon of Honey. when it cools enough you take a small amount with several pieces of Garlic and some liquid and CHEW and hold in your mouth, you feel the honey and garlic go into your nose and throat creating relief and getting rid of the unwanted animal causing the ailment! this is a Holistic Remidy called a "Garlic, Honey politice" . Hurry and get well!
  • it might be but if you got a sore throat then you need to get it checked out
  • The steam is likely to help the symptoms but no, it will do nothing to prevent a cold or sore throat. That is caused by being infected by someone else who is infected which is usually done by them coughing, sneezing, or having the bacteria on their hands and touching you or something you touch then manage to get that bacteria in your mouth.
  • No. The only thing that will prevent you from getting a cold is to not catch the virus. However once it's inside you the steam may help soothe some of your symptoms. The antioxidants in vitamin C may help prevent you from Catching the virus, as well as staying away from high-traffic germy areas. Frequent hand-washing is your best prevention.

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