• No. Should I? People complain all the time how rude and inconsiderate they are, could this have anything to do with it?
  • No if im wrong i always apologise weather adult or child.
  • You should make it a point to apologize to children. You have to show them how and when to do it. Modeling the behavior is the best way for them to learn.
  • Not if I am wrong, or made a promise that I could not keep. I believe you must apologize to children in those situations.
  • No, children learn by example!
  • I like to practice saying sorry to the kids(especially since I am often wrong)then it is not so hard when you are face to face with an adult and you KNOW you are wrong and have to say sorry.
  • If I'm wrong I apologize. Someone else's age is irrelevant. I also apologize to animals and even inanimate objects sometimes. But that's just me.
  • i always apolagise if im wrong weather its a kid, my freind ,my neabor it dosent mater. u should always apolagieze
  • If I've done something that deserves an apology to an adult, then why should the person's age have anything to do with it? A child probably appreciates and forgives sooner than an adult.
  • No, I make a point to apologize, if I am wrong, to teach them, that is what needs to be done.
  • never.....if i'm wrong, then i say i'm wrong and i don't have a problem apologizing to anyone no matter what age :)
  • No. How else will they learn?
  • If I'm wrong, then I have no problem apologizing to my kids. If I do something that hurts their feelings inadvertantly, I feel horrible, and apologize profusely. What kind of parent would I be if I didn't? They deserve respect just like everyone else, and to know that I do care about their feelings.
  • If an apology is warranted then age makes no difference.
  • First, I have nothing to apologize for to any children. I don't have any and none of my close friends have kids, so I really don't spend any time around kids (except for the bastards at the high school nearby). But, if I did have a reason to apologize I would.
  • If I am wrong. I apologize. Period. It wouldn't matter if it were a child or (god forbid) George Bush. If I were wrong an apology would be in order.
  • No, that would be a horrible lesson to teach them. When I'm wrong, I apologize...I work eith kids and I have found myself apologizing on more than one occassion. If adults don't apologoze to them when it is warranted, then why would those kids apologize?
  • i would an do apologize to my children because when i was a child what my mother said rather hurtful or not she never said sorry and that hurt as a child,so yeah child or not if im wrong im going to apologize.
  • No, considering I am a child.
  • Never..I've probably apologized more to my son throughout his life than I have to any other human have to know their parents screw up and when they do, the child is owed an apology..otherwise, if you don't, he/she will learn that you are unfair..that you don't take responsibility for your actions...that you don't admit what you've done..what kind of an example is that for your child? :(
  • My mother...was a horrible mother to me. Nonetheless, as an adult, I have attempted to get us into therapy together in order to try and save our relationship. She has refused. Once she actually said: adults don't appologize to children. No...I actually think she said "mother's don't appologize to children." Anyway, it is the whole basis of a book I am working on. Afterall, the assumption of anyone who says something like this is that any appologies should go from the lower generations UP.... And that is just...bizarre. Yet the lower generations didn't create any of the problems of the upper generations. This kind of statement, imho, is an indication of a truly EFFed up family system.
  • If I am in the wrong, I will apologize!! How do you expect them to learn right from wrong, expect by example?
  • That would be silly and teach them all the wrong things. It might be hard to swallow pride and admit being wrong to a kid, but if it's explained why and well it can be a big part of helping them grow into be a better and more understanding person.
  • No, not at all.

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