• Nothing, really. Fox just misquoted him. Watch the whole video, and understand its context (not hard to find on youtube)
  • give me a break!
  • What he said wasn't really racist, it was just what overly patriotic people might call "Unamerican" - even though a lot of what he said (i.e. America nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki without blinking an eye) is true. . Also, some of the things he said - HE wasn't actually saying them - he was quoting Malcolm X, and an "Ambassador Peck"
  • I am a middle age white guy, Rember He is speakin to a large church so he is charismatic and a bit animated, I persolaly don't find much fault in what he said, I think he could have been more sensitive in his wording but I'm sure he did not know those few words would be taken out and played thousands of times

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