• Republicans favor less government, favor states' rights, favor the business owner, and typically, the upper-classes (e.g., top 1% of the richest Americans, or multi-millionaires), usually are Christians (e..g, Methodists, Baptists), etc., Pro-Life (i.e., against abortion), believes in individualism & capitalism. Republicans are more like Tories in the British Parliament; whereas, Democrats; while, not socialists or communists are more like the Labour Party of the UK. Whereas, Democrats usually favor the middle and lower-classes, pro-choice, want big governemnt, limited states' rights, favor those who must work, favor a progressive tax, favor medicare & medicaid, pro-choice, can be Christian; although, some are not. Bottom line: Republicans are for the rich and the Democrats are for the average, poor, minorities and the rest of America.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Right out of the liberal playbook, huh? Republicans are for the rich? Only the Democrats support the poor folks? Most of this answer is garbage.
  • Do not want to offend anyone here I will have a try. Rebublicans are supposed to be conservative. Good fiscal managers, low spenders, low tax supporters. Big on a balanced budget. They believe in helping their neighbors through volunteer efforts, community action, and through the churches. They strongly defend the right to bear arms. The believe in a strong national defence, are patriotic and can even be nationalistic. They are usually very religious, and sometimes really push the envelope on the seperation of church and state. The look of the Rebublican party shows a failure to successfully connect to non whites in America. Playing the "race card" worked for Nixon and the first Bush, but with the changing demographic in America, that has got to change. Democrats: Are mainly liberal ( and yes I know that I am speaking in generalities here) They seem more compassionate and caring for the plight of their neighbor. They act as if government has the answers. They develope expensive programs and bureaucracies that never seem to go away. They are quicker to raise taxes. They have been more succesful at reaching out to minorities. They seem to have become a "hodgepodge" of special interests and have been looking for a direction for several years now. One thing that both of these parties have in common is that they are both, in a sense, "owned" by the corporations that support them with money for their campaigns. That is why although the parties sound different, the policy being produced by the party is eventually shaped to be the same, that is, what the corporate interest wants it to be.
  • Democrats think that the answer to almost any question is higher taxes and more government. Most Republicans think government is the problem, rather than the solution to problems, and that its legitimate functions are essentially three: preventing invasion, stopping crime, and maintaining an honest currency.
  • Simple answer? Democrats think more government is the solution to all problems. Republicans think that more government is the problem.

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