• Orlando, Florida is very kid friendly because of Disney World.
  • St. Louis, Missouri. There plenty of activities and attractions that are geared toward kids of all ages, but many of those attractions are free, which makes St. Louis a budget-friendly destination for families. Some of St. Louis’ most popular attractions offer free admission, including the Saint Louis Science Center, Missouri History Museum, Saint Louis Art Museum, Grant’s Farm, Saint Louis Zoo, Purina Farms, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour. There are also a lot of places to go where the kids can interact with the exhibits and use up some of that excess energy - plus, they’ll probably learn a lot in the process. St. Louis also has a variety of activities that serve as destinations in themselves, such as the Six Flags St. Louis theme park, ice skating at Steinberg Rink in Forest Park or bike riding along the Riverfront and KATY trails. Plus, there are plenty of indoor activities for those days when the weather isn’t necessarily cooperating. In fact, Zagat’s U.S. Family Travel Guide calls The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum the top attraction for kids in the United States. Other St. Louis attractions praised in the guide include the Saint Louis Science Center, Purina Farms, City Museum, Butterfly House and Missouri Botanical Garden. The guide, produced in association with Parenting magazine, also names the Saint Louis Zoo as the best in the nation, and both the Zoo and Grant’s Farm made the guide’s top-10 list for Best Overall Attraction in the U.S.
  • Boston, Massachusetts has so much in terms of history and attractions. It also has a waterfront area where you can get onto Boston Harbor cruises out to the islands. Regardless of how old they are it's a great place to visit.
  • I took my kids to New York and they loves seeing all the plays, but I have four boys and they liked watching Jersey Boys.The whole family enjoyed going to see the Statue of Liberty.We all had a blast this year and none of my kids got in a fight unlike last year at Disney World.
  • Many like Disneyland...
  • Depends on their ages but if you are going for all ages I would imagine Disney World in Orlando is the most child friendly place.
  • Very young, probably someplace where they can visit an amusement park that has familiar things in it. San Diego is full of amusements for different ages, and different price ranges. The ocean beaches are free, Legoland and Sea World are in the higher range, plus there is the Wild Animal Park, and Zoo, Childrens Art Museums with hands on art classes, Aero Space Museum, a real Aircraft Carrier, or Pirate Ship to tour, Major League baseball and football, an indoor swimming pool, a fake wave generator for safe surfing, several small amusement parks, Laser Tag and on and on.
  • Young children can adapt almost anywhere they go but certainly somewhere where they can swim and run around and create their own adventures would be any beach location, waterpark location, or urban location such as Orlando where 2 of the 3 things can be done,.

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