• I don't really like strip clubs. I've been to a few, maybe like 3 or 4, but the majority of those times I was actually there with a girlfriend (yeah, we were weird). I never really enjoyed watching nude girls dance and pretend to be interested in me so I'll throw them money. It's expensive, dark, kind of boring, and a little bit creepy. Every time I've been, the only way I can stay amused is by carrying on polite conversation with the dancers. Otherwise it's just way too awkward for me.
  • Guys like looking at naked women, and most seem to have the fantasy that one of the naked women will leave with them. I was traveling with a bunch of folks from work once up to the San Jose area, and all but 2 of us decided to go to a strip club one night. One guy in particular shoved every last dollar he had into strippers' g-strings that night, and had to spend the rest of the trip begging for hand-outs from everyone else. Moron.
  • I'm sure it has something to do with anthropology where the male would choose only the women free of physical impurities to reproduce. There are strip-clubs for women too...and it probably has to do with the same thing.
  • G'day m4, Thanks you for your question. It is mainly for us single guys and for married men who aren't getting much excitement. Often, we have had a few drinks before we go. I am sure that your guy appreciates you. Regards
  • it's fantasy honey.... that's's looking at naked women and fantasizing about them. it's not the same when it's you b/c your man knows he can have you. it's the ones he can't have that gets to him b/c he can fantasize about getting it....... if you've ever been to one, you'd know....hey it's worth the money...and i'm a to go. I have more fun than by bf. he hates it too.
  • It is a waste of money and it's pretty sad.
  • A young stripper here, 19 years old, just got sentenced to 30 years for her role in a stabbing murder. She and her boyfriend met the guy at the club after she performed, invited him back to their place, botched robbery attempt, that was that for him. The victim's girlfriend was expecting child at the time. I know this doesn't answer the question, but sure does speak of the clientele some of these places attract.
  • I don't understand it either ...being an Aussie we don't really go in for it ...yes we do have a few strip clubs thet are few and far between , seems to me anyway its a American thing ...its the same with titty bars again a American thing and yes I agree to me its a waste of money and time
  • I know a lot of women that go to strip clubs, but not the kind men like lol. It goes both ways you know.
  • It isn't anymore a waste of money then going to a play or an amusement park. My girlfriend and I go once every two months or so. She didn't think she would like it the first time we went, but had a great time. I prefer to go to a club with my girlfriend, you get treated like a VIP for bringing a girl in there.
  • Guys are very visually stimulated. And they tend to like "strange." I understand it, but if my man wanted to spend our money on that, I would not put up with it. He can sit at home and watch porn on his computer if he wants to see other chicks naked.
  • Clearly, we are helping college students. Do we get any credit for that? No, instead half the replies are from pseudo-apologists tripping over themselves trying to distance themselves from the shame of not doing their part to help the rising stars of the next generation of successful Americans. If the kids don't graduate, I blame the nattering nabobs of negativism who are too cheap to do their part. Thank you, and God bless America.
  • I think it depends on the person, I like them to be able to spend time with a girl. If I'm dating someone or have someone in my life than I find it pointless, but when you're lonely and frustrated with the dating scene it's a good fix.
  • It's different for single men, or guy's in relationship's who don't get lap dances from their spouses
  • It all about variety, guys like to see many differant types, sizes and shapes. Usually its the single and lonely ones that spend a lot of money on strippers.

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