• I've been to Ft. Lauderdale (LOVED it!!!), Fort Meyers Beach (family there), and Sanibel Island (beautiful!).
  • I've spent quite a bit of time in the southwestern part of the state. from ft. myers down. in addition to hanging around and doing the beach/pool thing i like to get a fishing guide to take me into the everglades. go east of everglades city until the road runs out then get in a boat. the fishing is cool but the nature experience is greater-spend a day and virtually don't see anyone else. for more civilized pursuits, sanabel and captiva islands, naples, and marco island are cool if you can pay the freight.
  • I've been there once and went to Disney World.
  • I've been to lots of places in Florida, mostly beaches, other than Orlando. I've been to Daytona, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, St. Pete, Clearwater, Tampa, Sarasota, and Siesta Key. Siesta Key is the most beautiful beach I've ever seen with its snow white powdered sugar sand. Ahhhh. Next stop will be Key West. I go to the beach, Baby! And hit the bars, of course. Play golf, maybe. Deep sea fishing, parasailing on the beach, lay in the sun, play some volleyball, grill on the beach or go to some nice restaurants. Mostly, I just relax. :)
  • I'm form canada, I've been to florida once. Me and my buddies went to Cocoa Beach. Awsome week. I went to Islands of Adventure as well.
  • Been all over Florida. The west (gulf) coast is much nicer, not so much a tourist mecca as the east coast. The panhandle (Panama City) has become crowded now though. Northern inland Florida is about as hillbilly as they come. The ultimate spot remains the Keys. Just like the islands, the Keys are awesome.
  • im from the UK and i went last may and i went to disney world stayed in pop centuary and was fantastic went to all the disney resorts (typhoon algoon being my faveroute) and went to universal studios and islands of adventre had a great time and want to go again real soon
  • I have been to Deltona, Deland, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Apopka, Sanford, Lake Mary, Paltka, Cape Canaveral, St. Lucie, Ft Lauderdale, Kisseemme, Ponciana, Indian Estates. Theme parks, I especially like Bush Gardens.
  • I live in Florida, does that count? I am near the Ft Myers area, it is beautiful here. There are beaches, and theme parks close by. My fave is Busch Gardens.
  • I went to anna maria was the most beatiful beach I've ever been to, it was quiet and off to the side. I loved it
  • Never been there...what am I missing?
  • I haven't been to Florida in a while, but mostly because I haven't had the money to travel for a while. I have family in Tallahassee. And I've been to Tampa/St.Pete, Orlando, St. Augustine, Miami, Cocoa Beach, Daytona. I haven't been to much on the Gulf side and I'm really wanting to go to Key West and go to Orlando again. But there is so much to do, especially if you like theme parks. There's Busch Gardens, and Sea World. And, Disney World, of course. There's Disney MGM and Epcot. Universal Studios, Discovery Cove and Aquatica.
  • I have been to Orlando and the Tampa Bay area. Tampa is really beautiful, especially if you head across the bay to Clearwater and down the beaches to St. John's Pass. And I liked Tampa's nightlife in Ybor City.
  • One of our favorite vacation destinations is St. Augustine. It is an historical city with lots of points of interest. I like to lunch at the Cuban Bakery, shop at Dreamstreets, play on the beach, and just sightsee.
  • I've been to Ft. Myers, I was there for Spring Training baseball mostly and I had friends who had a winter home there. Also been to Pompano Beach/Ft. Lauderdale. Did a lot of swimming.
  • I live there. Not so special to me. Hot and humid.
  • Yes I have family in Pensacola and I have driven the whole coastline down to Naples and below and then back up to Jacksonville. I used to live in St. Augustine. we criss crossed Florida for about 2 months. I like the sun and sea . I like to live there too.
  • Been to Orlando a couple of times -- my wife's mom and stepdad live there. Disney World is fun, but I could never get used to the sodding humidity...
  • I live in the panhandle. I like to drop my kayak in the bay and paddle around with the dolphins. Occasionally I'll take a day trip over to Panama City or Pensacola. I recently spent a weekend at St. Andrews State Park and really enjoyed it. There's a link to an article about it here:
  • Yes, I'm from Orlando. I've also been to Kissimmee, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Miami Beach, and Playa Linda(in Titusville) I'm not really into the beaches, I don't like salt water,lol.
  • i live in sunny isles.. i've been to naples..ft. myers..orlando..tampa the beaches are beautiful and the green green
  • I like the Orlando area, the beaches are nice, and the Keys are fun. Is Kissimmee where the serpentarium is? That's fun and not something you can do every day. and the Space Center is a one of a kind place to visit.

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