• Not lately, but read them all the time when I was a kid.
  • When I was a kid, all of them. Ritchie Rich especially.
  • No...I've never heard of them either. :P
  • I used to like them. I always thought Archie was this big idiot though, how he was so in love with Veronica but Betty was the obvious choice. Guess there wouldn't be much of a concept anymore if he made the right decision, but ultimately I actually found it kind of sad and felt sorry for Betty. And fun fact; Veronica's hair is not real, it's a wig. Saw that in one comic, where Archie met Cheryl, and both Betty and Veronica got pissed off because he liked her so much, and decided to both dress like her to trick and confuse him when he went out to meet her. XD
  • They were not my favourtie but I did read them years ago. (1940s and 50s)

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