• Yes any change in diet can do that even if your diet change is for the better. It's best to change your diet slowly to let your digestive system adjust to it.
  • Yeah, not to mention the withdrawal symptoms from all the chemicals and additives in fast food that make it addictive.
  • If you have suddenly added a lot more fiber to your diet, you may get more gas than usual, and that can cause stomach discomfort (in addition to the more conventional unpleasantness from gas). Make changes to your diet slowly to minimize that sort of thing. Don't worry, though, your body will adjust to your new diet relatively quickly.
  • If you eat to much, like salads. Or veggies. They are hard to digest. Some fruits can make your stomach get all gas'd up too! But stick with the more healthy stuff. I can't eat to much fast foods, fries kill my stomach, or a greasy burger..........yuk. I love to eat out though! When you have no one to cook for fast food is the cheapest and makes the most sense!:)
  • not really so much, i would think the other way around would be much more painful.
  • I don't think it should be a problem. There should not be any pain.
  • Certainly. Whenever you make a sudden change in your diet, even a good one your body may react. If by eating healthy, you are adding lots of fiber to your diet (whole grains, fresh veggies and fruit) you will very likely hear about it from your gastrointestinal system.

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